Multitalented Actor & Voiceover Artist “Ronald Melton Braxton-II” All Set To Take On New Challenges

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Multitalented Actor & Voiceover Artist “Ronald Melton Braxton-II” All Set To Take On New Challenges

August 19
19:30 2021
Ronald is a professional voiceover artist & actor hailing from Woodstown, New Jersey. With extensive experience in storytelling and character development, his versatile voice creates memorable characters.

Ronald Melton Braxton II is a full-stack actor with a repertoire of both voiceover and on-screen experience.  With over a decade of public speaking experience, Ronald has spent the last six years building his skills as an actor. He is now a professional voice actor who has done a wide range of voiceover work for cartoons, short films, documentaries, animated films self-produced comedy shorts, and more and also acted in a handful of TV projects, movies, and commercials.

When it comes to voiceover artists on the east coast, Ronald is a name that stands out from the pack. He’s been a steady presence in the industry for more than ten years and amassed a large portfolio of clients, from individuals to major television channels to fashion magazines. While talented, he also continuously works to hone his craft and expand his range. By virtue of his versatile and soothing voice, Ronald’s can channel a wide range of characters. Whether it’s a feel-good superhero or a diabolical villain, his voice will bring out the best.

The young thespian possesses a unique mix of talents that allow him to take on virtually any creative project in the voiceover domain. His abilities include voiceovers for characters of all ages and with many different styles — providing a professional feel that’s uniquely him. In addition, the voice actor is exceptionally talented at impersonating accents from around the world. From New York accents to British, Cockney, and Southern American accents, he can bring depth and character to any project.

Ronald’s warm, deep, versatile voice can be heard in projects with Cartoon Network, M. Night Shyamalan’s “Servant” for Apple TV, Fearless Motivation, Jack Daniels, GQ, and Diver: The Animated Web Series. Apart from his voiceover work due to his involvement in screen performances in film & television, he can adapt to an array of roles. His knack for creating solid narratives while portraying characters helps him deliver both compelling and memorable performances. He has performed in some television shows such as The Motion: Gooch Journey as RelliCatone, Blue Bloods as Perp, and more as well as produced his own animated comedy shorts.

Ronald has a multifaceted career. In addition to his acting and voiceover roles, he’s involved in writing, singing, music production, audio engineering, and sports as well. He is an avid learner right from the start of his education at Wesley College, where he studied BA Communication, and his quest for knowledge never stopped. The voice actor sought every opportunity to polish his animation acting and voiceover skills — taking several online courses, trainings, and seminars to become one step closer to his dream goal of working for Nickelodeon, Marvel, DreamWorks, Pixar, and Disney. His love for the craft and his work ethic acumen unquestionably make him an indispensable addition to any team.

For more information about Ronald, visit the official website or check out his Instagram page!

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