FM Transmitter Manufacturers Seek A Higher Return Rate In The Covid-19 Period Of The Coming Decade

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FM Transmitter Manufacturers Seek A Higher Return Rate In The Covid-19 Period Of The Coming Decade

August 17
13:20 2021
FM Transmitter Manufacturers Seek A Higher Return Rate In The Covid-19 Period Of The Coming Decade
FMUSER is one of the best broadcast equipment manufacturers engage in global selling.
In the next covid-19 epidemic decade, how to carry out profitable FM transmitter wholesale business has become the primary goal pursued by broadcasting equipment sellers. How to sell is indeed important, but where to buy and what to sell are much more important.

Broadcast Equipment Wholesale Business in 2021

The global broadcasting equipment wholesale market is rejuvenating in a unique way. As a prerequisite for the best wholesale business, a reliable wholesale source always determines how far you go, while cost and quality determine how healthy your business will be.

As the global outbreak and spread of COVID-19 epidemics, contactless FM radio broadcast services have once again retrieved the glory among the fierce market competition. Numerous demand flocks to those so-called “drive-in church”, or “drive-In theater”, which is an important role in recovering the regional economy.

It is worth noting that the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic will last for at least several years. Many broadcast equipment suppliers from China predict the coming next ten years as “The Epidemic Years”, which to some extent reflects the concerns of broadcast equipment manufacturers about the market prospect of radio broadcast equipment.

Such concerns are not unreasonable. Taking the United States as an example, when there was such a profound question on the Internet: “When Would the COVID-19 End?”, Bloomberg, a famous American financial information company, gave the answer: “About 7.4 years”. Fuqi, the chief infectious disease expert of the United States, said: “if you want the United States to completely return to normal, the vaccine needs to cover at least 80% of the population”. The United States will reach this figure at least by 2022. It will take at least 7.4 years for the world to reach this level. However, from some real data feedback, it can be clearly observed that the actual potential of the FM transmitter wholesale market is more tenacious than expected.

FM Broadcast Equipment Manufacturing Will Rise Again

The latest market research data show that the global broadcasting equipment market is expected to exceed the US $7.35 billion by 2026, of which the global broadcasting station market is expected to exceed the US $1.65 billion. The compound annual growth rate is expected to exceed 4.2% during the prediction period from 2021 to 2026.

Just as the data feedback from the global commercial FM transmitter equipment market when the epidemic just broke out (early 2020): the CAGR is about 23%, the global FM broadcast transmitter market will grow by the US $17.6 million, and it is predicted that the global market will continue to grow in the future.

It can be clearly found that radio broadcast transmitters play a vital role in providing high-quality content communication for broadcast needs in special periods such as COVID-19.

Facts have proved that the emergence of covid-19 has spawned a variety of profitable broadcasting needs. In order to meet these special broadcasting needs, drive-in church and theater services along with as-like various contactless radio broadcast services are constantly extending and developing under the COVID-19, and have become one of the most popular forms of contactless entertainment.

Based on the huge hidden demand in the current broadcasting equipment market, buy and wholesale FM transmitters in an appropriate way can still earn potentially high profits.

Study your niche market

Especially in 2021, it is very important to ensure that a niche market that is consistently profitable, easy-marketing, and of course with a high ROI return rate. Countless radio station operators are looking for reliable FM transmitter suppliers and broadcasting equipment manufacturers for supporting their COVID-19 drive-in radio broadcast services – churches, theaters, or parking lots.

As Ray Chan mentioned in “Top 9 Best Global FM Transmitter Suppliers and Manufacturers” – Click here to visit, for the FM transmitter wholesale business, you should first consider price rather than quality, NOT to give up quality… That is why FMUSER is one of the most reliable FM transmitter manufacturers”. Part of broadcasting equipment distributors takes developed countries as the main target market.

As described in the above content, radio broadcast transmitters will be supported by their frequent use in domestic production and import and export, and developed areas usually occupy the largest share of the radio station market. For example, in North America, the demand for radio broadcasting equipment surges, which is caused by the increase in the number of local broadcasting channels. Europe is also one of the potential markets for broadcasting equipment. The entire market is highly fragmented, and there are not many large and medium-sized companies engaged in media and entertainment solutions.

It is worth noting that there are also underdeveloped areas in developed areas, and there are huge hidden niche markets in areas where intelligent equipment suppliers cannot get involved, wholesale FM transmitters for reselling is the best choice

Find the Right Broadcast Equipment Manufacturers

Before starting any business, the first and foremost is to conduct detailed research. Finding suitable FM transmitter manufacturers will be the key to successful marketing in the industry. Some of the China FM transmitter manufacturers have become the target of many FM transmitter distributors. Many customers from the United States and other religious countries seriously affected by the epidemic are also deeply aware of this. There are unprecedentedly global demands for drive-in churches, drive-in theatres, and professional FM radio stations. We all know that when opportunities arise, we should seize them.

At present, customers with purchase intention are still looking for reliable procurement sources of FM transmitters, hoping to get the most remuneration at the lowest price. They have done so on some large local shopping platforms, but to little avail, because the price of wholesale FM transmitters from these platforms is much higher than that of other suppliers, and price and quality are the two main factors affecting the business of wholesale enterprises. With the expansion of the impact scope of the epidemic, high-quality FM broadcasting has become the meat and potatoes of non-contact religious prayer services.

When the virus rages, the importance of FM broadcasting gradually appears. The “Top 9 Best Global FM Transmitter Suppliers and Manufacturers” have somehow indicated that no matter of what, the customers, whether he or she is local radio station operator or FM transmitter salesperson, expert broadcast equipment manufacturers are needed to provide them with another wholesale source for good quality FM transmitters at factory price. Considering this, wholesale FM transmitter from broadcast equipment manufacturers of China seems to be a good choice for dealers who take priority in price and quality for the commercial FM transmitter equipment wholesale business.

Identify Your Product

You can choose to wholesale all types of FM broadcasting equipment, from tiny RF connectors to bulky TV transmitters, but the most worthy of wholesale sales are still those popular FM radio broadcast transmitters.

If your target market is a small radio station, you can choose to wholesale FM transmitters of low-power level. Common low-power transmitters can be divided into ultra-low and low power levels. The popular watts of the former type of radio transmitters are 0.5W, 1W, 7W, 15W, 25W, and 50W, and the common watts of the latter type of products are generally greater than 50W, These low-power FM transmitters are widely used in drive-in church services, drive-in theater services, and community broadcasting.

If your target market is medium or large radio stations, you can choose to wholesale FM transmitters of high-power level. The common watts are 300W, 500W, 1kW, 2kW, 5kW, and above. These kinds of FM transmitters are widely used in enterprise radio stations, regulatory agency radio stations, hospital radio stations, sports industry radio stations, and national radio stations.

Radio broadcasting will still be one of the most popular means of contactless entertainment and efficient remote communication. Commercial value for wholesale radio broadcasting equipment is undoubted. From radio station equipment and FM radio transmitter kit to FM radio antenna and studio transmitter link system, for dealers and retailers who want to wholesale radio station equipment, high quality and low cost should always be taken into consideration in the first place.

Key Points

The radio equipment wholesale business will rise again in 2021, and radio broadcasting equipment will still be the most popular professional product in the next few years. You need to identify your niche market and find those reliable broadcasting equipment suppliers. After you have selected the required broadcast products for your enterprise, the next step is to contact them so that the goods can be easily transported to your warehouse as soon as possible.

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