El Pulpo Mecanico – “The KING of Burning Man Art Cars” is Now Available as the First Iconic NFT from TTITD.art

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El Pulpo Mecanico – “The KING of Burning Man Art Cars” is Now Available as the First Iconic NFT from TTITD.art

August 17
17:18 2021
The monstrous Black Rock Desert art car goes digital

San Jose, CA – August 17, 2021 – The mechanical masterpiece, the crowd favorite art car that graced the Burning Man events for years since 2011 – El Pulpo Mecanico is ready to retire from its Black Rock Desert days with the mastermind behind it, Duane Flatmo, in 2022. As its final public appearance, the fiery octopus has partnered with TTITD.art to launch an NFT program in its name allowing 100 lucky fans to own a part of it. A portion of the NFT sale’s proceedings will be donated to the desert artists through the Burning Man Project.

El Pulpo Mecanico is not just another art car in the Burning Man event; it is the heart of the event. For years, thousands of fans visited the Black Rock Desert event solely to witness the majestic performance of the marvelous art piece that never failed to impress. El Pulpo Mecanico is a gigantic 26-foot fire-spewing octopus made using scrap metal pieces from the Arcata Scrap and Salvage. It is the brainchild of Duane Flatmo, who managed to “blow life” to the contraption without the help of hydraulics or computers. Together with Jerry Kunkel, Duan incorporated the fire feature and electric circuits, which are used to create the unique allure and features this masterpiece possesses. The menacing and raging construction is mounted to a 1973 Ford 250.

TTITD, which is considered by many the home to the most outstanding and extravagant sculpture, art car, photography, and jewelry NFT collection from the Burning Man event series, partnered with the creator of El Pulpo Mecanico to immortalize it in the digital world. As a result, the awe-inspiring mechanical octopus will find a final resting ground in the hearts of its 100 NFT holders soon. TTITD Founder Tex Allen shared his view on their ongoing NFT program, “NFTs allow us to expand that influence into the galleries and wallet collections of collectors and fans globally. Every participating artist is excited with new creations for their fans and followers.”

To learn more details on the El Pulpo Mecanico NFTs, visit bit.ly/elpulpo.

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