Abrothacary Announces the Healing Power of Plants

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Abrothacary Announces the Healing Power of Plants

May 12
03:24 2021
Abrothacary introduces the world to its series of bone broths, often touted as a superfood and an excellent way to cleanse the body and rebuild the immune system. The formulation includes numerous plants with medicinal qualities.

San Francisco, California – The Abrothacary announced the launch of its series of broths, which harness the potent medicinal qualities associated with slow-cooked bones. However, unlike many other broths, Abrothacary’s formulation includes several plants with medicinal qualities. The company has said that the plants don’t just include kale, but a “combination of functional mushrooms, roots, and barks” collectively referred to as adaptogen herbs instrumental in helping heal many common and chronic physical issues.

The benefits associated with bone broth have been known for quite some time. In many countries, it (bone broth) is used as a tonic, with it receiving the status of a superfood by professionals, especially since it helps boost the immune system. Bone broth, amongst having other benefits, helps to soothe irritated or tired digestive system. In addition to that it also provides the body with lots of amino acids, calms inflammation, etc. Furthermore, just about anyone can cleanse using broths, which revitalizes the body by in many ways unburdening it. 

Readers can find out more about Abrothacary and the company’s broths at https://abrothacary.com

“We’ve designed these broths to heal the body. The numerous functional plants included in the formulation are not only meant to cleanse the body but work as a sort of healing potion, helping to relieve stress, gut-related issues, and numerous others chronic problems.” Said the spokesperson for Abrothacary.

She added, “Just about anyone today can benefit from these broths. If you want to boost the immune system, we’d suggest the ‘Immunity Chicken Broth’; if you want to improve your appetite, then the ‘Bone Appetite Broth’ is for you. We have a few others coming soon, so make sure to check back to  our website or get in touch with us.”

About Abrothacary

Two close friends started Abrothacary with a desire to create delicious, nutritious items with healing qualities for the community. The company was started out of Stacey’s kitchen back in 2018 and has since evolved steadily. Lauren Gauthier uses her years of experience as a functional medicine nutritionist. She also uses her personal experience with rheumatoid arthritis at an early age to help people. Today she uses her knowledge and experience to produce broth formulations with numerous healing qualities.

Media Contact
Company Name: The Abrothacary
Contact Person: Lauren
Email: Send Email
Phone: (415) 715-9699
Address:1607 63rd St
City: Emeryville
State: California
Country: United States
Website: https://abrothacary.com/

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