Larry Stansbury’s Nonfiction Book Highlights the Plight of the Black Community in the Modern-Day America

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Larry Stansbury’s Nonfiction Book Highlights the Plight of the Black Community in the Modern-Day America

April 19
18:36 2021
Larry Stansbury’s Nonfiction Book Highlights the Plight of the Black Community in the Modern-Day America

Books have the power to move people to tears, broaden perspectives, or even spark revolutions. It is one of the most powerful mediums to amplify a story to a broad audience, reaching even the farthest corner of the globe. When Larry Stanbury wrote and compiled the narratives for his book, Conquering Adversity One Step at a Time, he wanted to shed light on the challenges of being black in a modern world. 

Conquering Adversity One Step at a Time is a self-published bookcontaining genuine, authentic, real-life, and heart-wrenching stories of courage, struggle, and adversity. In the author’s words: “It presents a raging sea of emotions like love, care, heartbreak, and aspirations.” Beautifully and masterfully weaved within the book are personal accounts and stories of people who have overcome conflicts, toxic friendships, rejection, and other obstacles. By compiling various narratives, the author seeks to highlight the plight of people of color in America and hopes to enlighten readers.

Larry Stansbury also wanted the individuals who shared their stories openly for the book to become empowered, knowing that the strength they portrayed to overcome their challenges is about inspiring others and making readers who are in the same circumstances feel that they are not alone. The author also included his own story as a black man in America, focusing on his unique trials and tribulations. He also demonstrates how he conquered his fears, accomplished his dreams, and found his true self amid the struggles.

Currently based in Manhattan, Larry Stansbury is one of the most promising authors of his time. With his bylines showcased on PopSugar, Good Housekeeping, Her Campus, and other platforms, he has captivated audiences nationwide. His writing encompasses a wide range of topics, including food, lifestyle, sports, entertainment, sex, and relationships. Today, he sees himself as a pragmatic, ambitious, disciplined, responsible, and well-grounded person, but the road has never been easy for him to get to where he is now. 

The author believes that his struggles shaped him into the man he is today. “Unlike many narrative nonfiction books, Conquering Adversity One Step at a Time highlights a range of personal and societal life scenarios with a subtle therapeutic undertone derived from my exclusive afflictions, which are presented for readers to resonate with,” he said.

“The personal essays within this book are based on my experiences like carrying the weight of trauma provoked by the significant obstacles of being a black transfer student at Syracuse University in a predominantly white fraternity during the controversial Theta Tau incident regarding a racist and anti-Semitic video release.”

Additionally, Conquering Adversity One Step at a Time also includes stories of micro- and macro-aggressions related to workplace stereotypes toward black workers. It analyzes the treatment society gives to people of color in the era of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. The book also explores mental health issues, living with people with innate illnesses such as autism, and recovering from the physical and mental turmoils of sexual assault. The author also tackled the struggles in parenthood, family relations, and coping with life after graduation. 

To learn more about Conquering Adversity One Step at a Time and author Larry Stansbury, visit this site.

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