Samuel Benn on Becoming a Successful Entertainment Personality

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Samuel Benn on Becoming a Successful Entertainment Personality

April 02
03:33 2021
Samuel Benn on Becoming a Successful Entertainment Personality

The journey to fame is long, and it requires a series of ordered steps to get there. Looking at the big picture, Samuel Benn has his sights set on fame as a social media personality and an all-round entertainment personality. Currently, he works as an actor and social media influencer, posting comedy videos on his social media pages and building active followers that support his brand. He delved into the social media space in 2018, and since then, he has improved his craft through different professional classes and training. He started the business of entertaining at the age of 17 with only 1,340 followers, and fast-forward to three years; he has grown exponentially to 24,000 followers and counting.

Outside his social media entertaining videos, Samuel is looking to break into mainstream acting and land roles that can shoot his name into becoming a top movie star. He sees being in front of a camera as an opportunity to showcase his talent and prove himself to anyone that might be watching. He is also passionate about collaboration as he is often seen connecting and working with other creators on projects like skits, short films, video shoots, and photoshoots. “The acting world has come with its ups and downs, but I manage it quite well thanks to the connections I’ve built and the respect I enjoy from other creatives like me,” Samuel says.

Samuel Benn’s drive is fueled by the uniqueness of his work as an actor, comedian, and content creator. In his words, “I feel my work is unique in different ways, and one of those ways is how passionate I am about my acting. Some might say my acting is pure and genuine, and they are right. I know that the way I act represents me as who I truly am.” While he expects his big break into the movie industry to happen, Samuel is consistently making a name for himself on social media through humorous, funny, and relatable content. His primary target audience is made up of his social media followers, as he believes conquering the social media space is a great step to achieving fame.

Beyond acting and entertainment, Samuel has gotten immersed in the real creative process of content creation. He took classes in both acting and filmmaking and is well-versed in videography. Samuel Benn does not only offer his acting talents; he has all the technical knowledge he needs to visualize a project and bring it to life as envisaged. “One of my superpowers is my ability to work with anybody and deliver a hundred percent in whatever capacity I’m hired for,” he says.

On his journey to Hollywood fame, Samuel Benn brings authenticity, talent, passion, and a unique vision that transcends beyond acting out roles. He continues to put in work daily by creating original and unique while his social media followers and reach keep increasing. It’s a dream worth having, and Samuel Benn has never for a day wavered in the pursuit of his dreams.

Learn more about Samuel Benn on his official Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

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