San Diego CPA Wants to Help People Save Money on Taxes. Here’s How…

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San Diego CPA Wants to Help People Save Money on Taxes. Here’s How…

January 27
14:36 2021
The current tax environment can be called chaotic with unprecedented laws being implemented because of COVID-19. However, with the right help, from the right people, anyone can navigate smoothly through these uncharted tax waters.

San Diego CPA is the ultimate resource for ALL business, individual, and trust tax help. With decades of combined experience, their CPA firm will deliver unparalleled value at reasonable costs, while keeping the business compliant and prosperous. They are experts in real estate, eCommerce, marketing, start-ups, and all small business taxation, accounting, and compliance. 

With their innovative Business Advisory and Tax Consulting Services, they can help guide their clients through any stage of business start-up, development, and successful exit. They can help them set up accounting systems, budgets, and financial projections to get all their projects funded as well as providing all tax help for the business needs.

The best news — San Diego CPA can help anyone no matter which state they do business in.

Michael Ledovskikh, co-founder and partner of San Diego CPA says, “We provide very personalized services. We’re more of a boutique agency and offer these services at reasonable prices. We care about our clients and their prosperity and we’re in business to help others prosper.” 

Michael is a finance executive with a passion for optimizations and efficiency in all business processes through automation and technology. His entrepreneurial spirit started to emerge in his teen years after moving from Russia to America. “I’m from Russia and growing up I had a chaotic childhood because the county was in shambles. At 17, I moved to the U.S. and started working a few days after I got here. I worked my way through college and at 19, I picked up part-time accountant contracts to afford school and living,” says Michael. 

At 19, Michael started in the accounting world and never looked back. He’s been involved in a number of finance-related projects and businesses and has seen some great success. “I didn’t have much time to work on the CPA side of my business, but I constantly had clients on the side and slowly I built up a practice after I sold my last business. Then one of my friends approached me and said he’d be interested in joining forces with me, so we became business partners,” says Michael. 

Thus, San Diego CPA was born.

Michael and his business partner love helping people save money on taxes and want to use their knowledge to stop overpaying on their taxes. “I love helping people figure out strategies of what to do with their hard earned money to pay the least amount of taxes possible, especially small businesses, entrepreneurs, or family-run businesses.”  

In the current economic environment, there are many ways that the government is helping financially besides just giving out loans, and they’re doing it faster too. For example, the updated tax laws that were implemented by COVID are called carrybacks. Essentially, a business can carry their loss against their future income. They look at their last 5 years, so if they had to pay $50,000 in taxes last year, the IRS will issue this money back to them, plus any money they paid in taxes from the previous 5 years.

“This is huge for small businesses!” says Michael. But, this won’t be around forever…

Michael warns, “After COVID is over, they’re going to change the laws and all the benefits will go away for businesses. 2021 will be the perfect year to utilize these business incentives that the government made and the additional ones COVID created. It’s a really good time to use the tax code to your advantage, so make sure you hire a professional to ensure you capitalize on this opportunity!” 

San Diego CPA offers a wide range of CPA services from professional tax preparation to innovative tax planning and business coaching. San Diego CPA is the local one-stop shop for tax and accounting services in San Diego, and they’re starting to branch out to other areas of the country too.

Over the years, San Diego CPA has helped hundreds of small businesses and startups reduce their tax liabilities by helping integrate tax planning into their daily operations. Now, they’re able to maximize growth, drive efficiencies across operations, and enhance return on investment while minimizing associated expenses and risks.

At San Diego CPA, they monitor all federal and state tax laws to ensure that all available deductions, allowances, exclusions, and exemptions are working seamlessly in the most tax-efficient way to reduce the total tax bill.

Those looking for ways to increase their cash flow and bring down their tax bill, call San Diego CPA today at 619-880-9453 or send an email to [email protected] One of their certified tax experts can discuss how one can implement key strategies to help minimize taxes and maximize savings.

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