Band Artist Derek Dillon Brings Ideas of Horror by Creating a Clothing and Merchandise Store

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Band Artist Derek Dillon Brings Ideas of Horror by Creating a Clothing and Merchandise Store

January 06
22:36 2021
Band Artist Derek Dillon Brings Ideas of Horror by Creating a Clothing and Merchandise Store

Ideas of horror are usually observed in movies and TV series. They are rooted in someone who is fascinated by darkness and terror. Others project these ideas of horror through stories and paintings, but for Derek Dillon, he brings these to shirts. By co-founding a clothing brand that shows fear, horror, and demonic images, artist and entrepreneur Derek Dillon brings his imagination to another level. This unusual play of darkness is combined with “Ice Nine Kills” singer Spencer Charnas, the founder of the famous metal band.

They called the clothing and merchandise brand “Kleaver Klothing”, which screams horror in every print they put on their clothes. The brand also delivers the quality that clients and fans deserve to enjoy and wear at parties or even at home. Through this brand, Derek Dillon brings creativity into a higher step with his entrepreneurial skills and, at the same time, artistry.

The popularity of Kleaver Klothing have increased because of the unique designs they feature. They also provide a limited-design shirt that is featured on a certain date of the month. Derek, with his co-founder Spencer, have released “The 27 Club”, which is a merch that drops every 27th day of the month. The shirts have various and thematic horror designs that show images of a coffin, graveyard, skull, and a killer. All these are printed on a black shirt.

The clothing and merchandise shop started in the year 2011, and in just a few years of their operation, the company expanded their services and creativity by offering a screen printing service, which they named Kleaver INK. This service provides a compelling space for ambitious brands and businesses to have quality custom items of their quality. Kleaver INK also offers a set of pre-made T-shirt designs which cost around $200. The styles of the shirts revolve around ghost images, Satanic objects, Baphomet, pentagrams, and skulls.

The founders realized that they did not have anyone to assist them in immersing through the process of business and marketing clothing and merchandise, so embraced a new way by offering it to interested people who just started the business.

“The target audience of Kleaver INK is aspiring musicians and people starting clothing brands,” co-founder Derek Dillon says. “We feel that we are able to provide them with value and knowledge that nobody else can. Kleaver and Ice Nine Kills know how to sell the best merch to a lot of people.”

Derek Dillon also founded and operated Dillon Realty Group, a real estate investment firm, aside from being an entrepreneur and artist.

Much of this time, Derek Dillon did not only handle the Kleaver Klothing and Kleaver INK ventures. He’s also the voice of a new band called “Dead Things,” which will begin releasing music by mid-2021. Derek Dillon is also a multi-awarded artist for being one of the highest-grossing merchandise salesmen in a traveling circuit besides working and selling merchandise for Ice Nine Kills.

Learn more about Kleaver Klothing through their official website. The clothing and merchandise shop also has accounts on Instagram,YouTubeFacebook, and Twitter.

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