Michael Jovanovski: Hollywood’s Newest Bad Boy

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Michael Jovanovski: Hollywood’s Newest Bad Boy

December 25
21:24 2020
Michael Jovanovski: Hollywood's Newest Bad Boy

The world of film and television welcomes the entry of the latest bad boy, Michael Jovanovski, also known as Jovo. The actor, performer, and producer has always had “a love affair with the silver screen, storytelling and making people laugh.” Today, he looks to break the iconic Hollywood actor’s mold and bring a new flavor to the big screen. 

Michael hailed from Windsor, Ontario, and grew up wanting to be an actor most of his life. Being a dual citizen of the United States and Canada has allowed him to move around and gain exposure to widen his horizons. The son of two Macedonian immigrants, Stojce and Srebra Jovanovski, Michael is the middle child among three boys, all 11 months apart. His journey into the limelight wasn’t all a bed of roses. Despite challenges and trials, Michael Jovanovski overcame the seemingly impossible and pursued his heart’s desires, now reaching greater heights in the film industry.

When recalling the moment that convinced Jovo of his love for acting, he returns to an experience he had back in his hometown of Windsor. When watching Frank Capra’s classic, the moment came to him, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” “I remember being immediately smitten with Jimmy Stewart and the heart warming story,” shares Michael. “That ignited the fire.”

After graduating from University and studying film, Michael decided to move to the west to catch the production of “21 Jump Street.” He volunteered on his first film, “The Raffle,” with Nicholas Lea, who played Alex Krycek in “The X-Files.” Michael entered the world of cinema as a Set Decorator and moved his way up the ladder.

Michael spent the next twenty-eight years pursuing a career in set decorating and production design, working on sets of famous titles such as “Juno,” “Dirk Gently,” “To All the Boys 3,” and Juan Cabral’s “Two/One.” Today, he has committed fully towards creating a career on-screen as an actor. 

Michael Jovanovski has never been one to take the easy road to success. As he jump-started his career amidst a global pandemic in a new country in the middle of his life, Jovo put his legs to work and started hustling hard to build a career as an actor. The artist maintains that he wouldn’t have it any other way. “Chase dreams that scare you,” says the performing artist. “That’s why I’m pursuing a career which is age and beauty obsessed and where 99% of the people don’t make it.”

In recent times, Michael has worked on various milestone projects, including working with the multi-awarded writer, director, actor Fab Filippo on Season 2 of “Save Me.” He also has a hand in Kim Gehrig’s video for the iPhone 12 entitled, “Make Movies like the movies,” which has now reached over 16 Million views on YouTube. 

All that Michael truly wants in life is to be an inspiration, most especially to his children. He hopes to be a testament to the importance of never giving up on one’s dreams. Currently, Jovo resides with his family in Los Angeles, California, working with Minc Talent, a premier boutique-style talent agency. He’s now in talks to play a part in one of HGTV’s upcoming ads. 

To learn more about Michael Jovanovski, visit his website, IMDB, and Instagram account.

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