Homeowners Learn When to Replace a Furnace

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Homeowners Learn When to Replace a Furnace

December 02
08:24 2020
Homeowners Learn When to Replace a Furnace

Most modern furnaces are designed to last anywhere from 20 to 30 years, but that lifespan will depend on the initial quality of the furnace and how well it’s maintained. As a rule, HVAC experts recommend preparing to replace a home’s furnace once a unit is fifteen or more years old. Also, there are several signs owners can look for that indicate the need for a replacement.

Frequent Repairs are Needed

Any time a furnace needs multiple repairs during a heating season, it’s time to consider an upgrade. The cost of those repairs adds up quickly, and ongoing issues generally suggest the unit is nearing the end of its life. Of course, those repair needs may be a fluke, so it always pays to ask a heating and cooling expert from AirNow Cooling and Heating for advice before making any decisions. 

Utility Costs Go Up Without and Explanation

If the cost of operating the furnace suddenly goes up without any obvious reason, the unit may not be operating properly. At times, routine repairs may bring the utility costs back into line but, if the costs remain high, a new furnace may be needed. Again, it pays to ask the heating and cooling experts for recommendations before making any repair or replacement decisions. 

Some Rooms are Never Comfortable

In many homes, especially those that have been remodeled, one or more rooms may never be comfortable. There are several possible causes of uneven heating or cooling, but many are signs the system needs upgrading. While the furnace may be the cause of uneven heating, the home’s ductwork may also be a factor. The HVAC experts from https://www.airnowhvac.com/ will gladly evaluate a home’s heating and cooling system to determine what types of upgrades would help to even out the heating and cooling.

Cracks or Corrosion are Noted

Rust is the enemy of steel. If a home’s furnace shows signs of excessive rusting, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Besides, a single crack in the furnace combustion chamber indicates an immediate replacement is needed. Combustion chamber cracks allow deadly carbon monoxide to spread throughout the home. A furnace expert will always check a furnace’s combustion chamber during routine servicing to ensure it isn’t damaged. 

Repair or Replace?

It’s not always easy to know if a furnace should be repaired or replaced. In the majority of cases, the HVAC tech will offer advice, but the decision is ultimately up to the homeowner. If the unit is near or at the end of its expected life, the best option will normally be to replace it. If the unit is newer but the cost of repairs is between a third and half of the cost of a new unit, the tech will most likely recommend a replacement. Since there can be several factors to consider when deciding to repair or replace a furnace, don’t be afraid to ask the HVAC experts for advice.

Need Help Now?

If a furnace isn’t operating properly or there is concern about its safety, now is the time to contact an expert for help or recommendations. For more information or to schedule an appointment, go to https://www.airnowhvac.com/contact/ now. 

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