A Complete Breakthrough in Psychotherapy – New Scientific Cure for all Psychological Problems

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A Complete Breakthrough in Psychotherapy – New Scientific Cure for all Psychological Problems

October 20
17:38 2020
New Discovery Cures All Aberrations (negative emotions and behaviors) in a few hours

Los Angeles, California – The Psycanics Science Institute, after 37 years of research, announces a complete breakthrough in psychotherapy based on the physics of nonphysical energy. The Psycanics Science Institute is a research organization operating at the cutting edge of human knowledge in the fields of ontology (consciousness and being), philosophy, and psychology. Its breakthrough into a new science of being and all nonphysical experience (mind, emotions, impulses, motivations, etc.) now empowers a knowledgeable psychotherapist to eliminate any aberration in as little as one hour of therapy. (“Aberration” is the psychology term for any unwanted, negative emotion and behavior including painful emotions, addictions, phobias, compulsions, traumas, PTSD, even relationship conflicts). 

“This new technology of your inner life easily and quickly cures all aberrations with a single and universal system,” says Mycal Powell, a quantum ontologist and Director of the Institute. “How it works is scientific: Everything that exists, physical and non-physical (i.e. mind and emotions), is energy. All your internal experiences, positive and negative, are energies acting upon you-consciousness, who are that which experiences.

All energy obeys exact laws and principles. The laws of your internal energies that produce your experience are just as precise and rigid as the laws that hold the planets in their orbits.” As Einstein said: “God does not play dice with the universe.” Once you understand the laws of your non-physical energy, you can discharge any negative energy and replace it with positive ones that give you the experiences of wisdom, power, value, harmonic relationships, love, and joy we all seek.“

The Psycanics BEing Transformation Technology has been tested and proven on thousands of persons and all the common aberrations. Not only can a therapist guide a client to eliminate any aberration; but also, any client can learn to do it for himself. The system is so simple that any person can apply it to himself to eliminate ALL his negative emotions and behaviors. The Institute has over 100 graduates who have achieved total freedom from all the negative emotions and behaviors, a process that takes about 2 years of work on self. They have achieved happiness all the time, no matter what; they live in serenity, peace, and joy.

The Psycanics Being Transformation Technology is:

1 – Based on hard science, on the exact laws of trans-physical energy. (Psychology is a soft science.) 

2 – Universal: One set of laws work to eliminate all aberrations: negative emotions, addictions, compulsions, phobias, traumas, PTSD, relationship problems. Just as all physical matter has the same basic pattern of electrons, protons, and neutrons; so too do all aberrations have the same underlying energy patterns. 

3 – It is precise: It goes directly to the true root of the aberration in the subconscious.

4 – It is highly effective: It produces the desired result for the client 98+% of the time.

5 – It is fast: a couple of hours of therapy is sufficient to eliminate most aberrations. 

6 – It is much simpler than the current psychotherapies and is suitable for AI (Artificial Intelligence). Come the day it will when you can call into a central AI computer and be guided to eliminate any aberration.

7 – It is simple enough that the ordinary person can learn it and use it to permanently eliminate all his aberrations and relationship conflicts, resulting in a life of serenity and peace all the time, no matter what.

The Institute has an online program of teaching Psycanics to those who wish to learn self-therapy or become therapists. The Institute is also looking for an organization or university with which to partner in bringing its technology out to the world.

More information at www.Psycanics.org (www.Psycanics.org).

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Company Name: Psycanics Science Institute, 501c3
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Phone: 619-618-2094
Country: United States
Website: www.Psycanics.org

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