Repiping Services are Available in Bothell, WA

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Repiping Services are Available in Bothell, WA

September 22
10:57 2020
Repiping Services are Available in Bothell, WA

Just a few years ago, repiping a home would have been a long and expensive process. Today, though, thanks to modern, innovative technology, repiping takes just a fraction of the time it did before.

Repiping is just as the name implies – a process when professionals like Apollo Plumbing replace all the old pipes in a home with new ones. In some cases, dealing with more serious situations, it is necessary to take everything out and replace it all. For example, if someone notices strange dripping sounds, weird smells, or “gross” water coming into the time, it may be a situation of “out with the old, in with the new” to help prevent additional damage.

Why Replacing Pipes in a Home Is Necessary?

The pipes in a home can fail or corrode because of several issues. For example, age can cause problems, so can the quality of the materials or water used. The scope of the repiping project is dependent on the size of the house, the total number of water lines, and the materials installed now.

On average, repiping projects handled by companies like take between three and seven days. However, with smaller homes, the project may only take a day or two. The lifespan of the new pipes will be between 25 and 80 years; however, getting them replaced earlier comes with an array of benefits.

For example, if someone decides to sell their home at some point, new pipes can increase home value. This is an asset to potential buyers because they know they will not have to worry about any future plumbing issues. Replacing the pipes in a home provides other benefits, too, such as reduced water costs, increased water pressure, no plumbing issues, and improved drinking water.

Understanding Common Piping Issues 

Does the hot water lack sufficient pressure, especially compared to cold water? Is a homeowner dealing with regular water leaks and issues related to copper pipes? All these common piping problems may be signs of a failure in the pipe, failure in the fittings, or signs of damaged galvanized pipes. If one pipe starts to fail, it is just a matter of time before the remainder will deteriorate, too.

With copper pipes, this is referred to as galvanic corrosion, which is an electrochemical process where on metal corrodes when in electrical contact with a different one. This is a problem that can be fixed through repiping with the help of Pipes that look fine on the outside are not always fine on the inside. This is why it is essential to hire a professional plumber to inspect the home’s pipes if a problem is suspected.

Are Repiping Solutions Worth the Investment? 

When it comes to repiping, there are more than a few benefits offered. Getting to know what repiping offers and why it may be a good solution is the best way to ensure the right steps are taken and that the pipes are restored to good, problem-free condition, regardless of their age.

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