The chemical spirit of NHU is handed down from generation to generation

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The chemical spirit of NHU is handed down from generation to generation

August 31
08:40 2020

In NHU, we shouldered the mission of “innovating fine chemicals, improving the quality of life”. We strove to create value for every factor of production and integrate chemical industry into every field of life. In the past 30 years, NHU has developed from a small enterprise to a leader in the domestic fine chemical industry. During this period, the chemical spirit of NHU has been passed down from generation to generation.

Four seeking spirit: seeking truth, innovation, quality and efficiency

We proceed from reality and oppose formalism. We don’t  pretend to understand what we don’t know,  ask if we don’t understand to seek the truth. “Seeking innovation” is the pursuit of innovation and excellence. We not only pursue innovation in technology, but also in management, thought and method. NHUers are good at learning from experience. “Seeking quality” means to pursue high-quality products and high-quality development of enterprises. In the process of decision-making, NHU excavates the essence of things, sums up the rules and makes continuous improvement. “Seeking efficiency” means that we promote efficiency of workload and management.

The spirit of craftsmanship

Since its establishment, NHU has been focusing on the fine chemical industry, making products to the extreme. Through continuous investment in R&D and innovation of technology, NHU pioneers in many advanced researching. NHUers adhered to the spirit of craftsmanship, constantly improves quality to better serves customers.

Pioneering spirit of arduous struggle

In November 1988, Hu Baifan, the chairman of NHU opened his entrepreneurial dream starting from waste alcohol solvent recovery. It was inseparable from the NHUers’ pioneering spirit of arduous struggle and the hard work of all staffs that make NHU what it is today. NHUers made unremitting efforts to open up new sources and reduce expenditure, insisted on innovation driven development, and successfully developed a number of new products.

The spirit and culture running through the whole process of NHU’s development, are the inexhaustible power to promote the development of NHU. Now, NHU family has joined new members, and the chemical spirit of NHU will be inherited from generation to generation, constantly pointing out the direction for the development of NHU!

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