Saving People From Germ Infected Toothbrushes, BrushSpa, Launches On Kickstarter

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Saving People From Germ Infected Toothbrushes, BrushSpa, Launches On Kickstarter

August 28
22:27 2020

BrushSpa – a toothbrush sterilizer and containment system – launched on Kickstarter today. After brushing, most people simply rinse their toothbrush and place it in an open cup, exposing the wet brush head to thousands of bacteria that live in your bathroom daily. Germs on your toothbrush increases your risks for contracting viruses, cavities, strep throat, gum, heart, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

BrushSpa uses a unique, patent pending technology to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and germs, giving you better health and hygiene.  BrushSpa stops oral bacteria in its tracks with a hydrogen peroxide solution that SANITIZES and DRIES in a 3-phase cycle, and then keeps your toothbrush fully contained from the elements until your next use. With BrushSpa, you will always have a germ free toothbrush.

BrushSpa is the brainchild of Barry Raborn of Houston, TX, an Orthotics/Prosthetics Fitter and general health and wellbeing innovator. After consulting with dentists and hygienists, Barry has developed this one-of-a-kind product that fills in the gaps left by other products or cleaning methods, such as UV lights and soaking in mouthwash.  In laboratory tests, BrushSpa’s technology of sanitizing AND drying the toothbrush eradicates most germs and bacteria. To top it all off, the hydrogen peroxide solution aids in whitening your teeth.

The BrushSpa design is sleek, streamlined and fits any bathroom décor.  BrushSpa works with all standard-sized manual AND electric toothbrushes. BrushSpa’s components are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe.  The CDC-recommended hydrogen peroxide solution is proven effective at killing airborne viruses, and the refillable bottle lasts up to 180 days of regular brushing.  BrushSpa is not only a health saver, but a cost saving solution to better health.

BrushSpa is available TODAY on our Kickstarter page, with special incentives for our early backers.  Buy ONE for yourself or BUNDLES for your family for increased savings.  Each member of the family can benefit from their own BrushSpa to store their sanitized toothbrush between uses.  Mix-and-match color plate covers can be added to personalize BrushSpa for your family members, or to blend in your bathroom.  BrushSpa is sure to be a game changer that will soon be on everyone’s bathroom counter to combat viruses, bacteria, and germs for a healthier life for us all.

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