WIMI Focuses on AI Vision to Seize the New Wind of 5G Live While Apple Releases Point Cloud Data Compression Patent

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WIMI Focuses on AI Vision to Seize the New Wind of 5G Live While Apple Releases Point Cloud Data Compression Patent

August 23
21:08 2020

Recently, the US Patent and Trademark office (PTO) issued an Apple patent related to holographic display and AR/VR. The patent indicates a point cloud data compression scheme designed for the above devices, which USES special encoding and decoding systems to realize low-cost and rapid point cloud data transmission.

3D model of point cloud data construction

According to the patent, holographic displays and AR/VR headsets usually display 3D virtual content in the form of point clouds, including games, maps and other scenes. However, with the development of data collection and display technologies, the point cloud data captured in 2D or 3D space by sensor systems such as LiDAR has increased to thousands or millions. In particular, the development of AR/VR display technology has enabled more potential applications of point cloud data.


But point cloud data is often bulky, making it expensive to store and transfer, and even limiting the speed of real-time transmission. The amount of memory that point cloud data takes up also limits the devices that can be used, which in turn limits their application scenarios.

So apple developed an encoder that could compress point cloud data for faster transmission and in less memory. At the same time, the decoder in the 3D display screen and AR/VR head display will rapidly (in near real time) gradually decode and render the compressed point cloud, that is, partially decode the compressed point cloud based on the user’s perspective and operation in the AR/VR head display, rather than display it all at once.

The patent also states that the device used to capture point cloud data will include one or more LiDAR sensors, 3D cameras, 3D scanners, etc., which will support the scanning of the XYZ three axis space. These sensors capture spatial characteristics such as color, texture, reflection, speed, acceleration, time, and form. It can even be equipped with gyros, accelerometers and other motion sensors to capture more information.

5G signals cover the summit of mount Everest

Two 5G base stations and all points in the 6,500-meter Everest advance camp of China mobile have been officially switched on recently, with 5G signals directly covering the top of mount Everest, marking another milestone in China’s construction of 5G base stations. China mobile has opened a 5G base station, the highest in the world, at the 6,500 meters forward base camp on the north slope of mount Everest, realizing the coverage of 5G signals on the mountaineering route and summit on the north slope of mount Everest, and providing exclusive network guarantee for the entire elevation survey of mount Everest in 2020.

With the smooth promotion of the 5G mount Everest project, the VR slow live broadcast launched by China mobile has also been raised from 5,300 meters above sea level to 5,800 meters and 6,300 meters, constantly breaking new records. In addition, it has combined with relevant media to let the audience have a pair of “thousand-mile eyes” through 5G, 4K, VR and other black technologies, so that they can see mount Everest across the clouds without leaving home. More than 10 million Internet users have been watching the whole Everest with 5G live signal at home to experience the “cloud ascent”. Under the ultra-hd lens of Migu 5G + VR, viewers can watch the changes of Everest in different weather conditions and at different times in a 360 degree panorama in real time.


With the completion of 5G bidding and procurement by operators, 5G investment related to radio and television networks will also be gradually carried out, and the industrial chain of 5G base stations will be busy. The acceleration of 5G network construction will drive the release of capacity of the whole industrial chain.

The 5G network will accelerate the technological transformation and cross-border integration of China’s traditional industries, promote the digitalization, intellectualization and networking of China’s vertical industries, make the production network more efficient, improve the quality and efficiency of industrial development, and expand new space for industrial innovation and development.

WIMI 5G live broadcast construction

With the change of bandwidth conditions of 5G holographic communication network, 5G holographic application market will usher in an explosion. High-end applications such as holographic interactive entertainment, holographic conference and holographic press conference will gradually spread to holographic social communication, holographic communication, holographic navigation and holographic home applications. Based on holographic AI face recognition technology and holographic AI face exchange technology as the core technologies, WIMI Hologram Cloud (Nasdaq:WIMI) plans to support holographic cloud platform services and 5G communication holographic applications with a number of innovative systems.

It is reported that on May 6, 2020, Heilongjiang mobile cooperated with WIMI subsidiary to help local media carry out cooperation with holographic virtual telecommunication service of media cloud platform, and the 5G + hyperspace-time holographic interview project was launched.


WIMI constructs a real-time modeling system for multi-angle shooting: it carries out full-dimensional image scanning on the collected objects and synthesizes them into a three-dimensional model in real time. Six – degree matrix optical field system: the multi – light source comprehensive application, constructs the holographic virtual image imaging field. Binocular parallax intelligent enhancement system: dynamically track the object trajectory and adjust the light during the acquisition process to maintain the equilibrium value of binocular disparity. Multi-image dynamic fusion system: multi-dimensional image wide Angle acquisition technology in narrow space, applied to cloud vision miniaturization holographic warehouse. Holographic image high-speed processing algorithm: the image information processing speed, and ensure the rendering effect, processing rate of up to 10GB/ s. Stealth polyester optical imaging film: the key component of holographic imaging, so that the holographic image perfect imaging display. Holographic virtual figure painting sound reconstruction technology: the use of human bone dynamic capture, real-time image rendering, voice recognition technology, voice simulation technology to present virtual people. Holographic cloud platform: an interactive platform with data storage, image restoration and holographic social properties covering image collection and restoration in the whole country. WIMI constructs a complete 5G holographic communication application platform based on the above system combination to support various online terminal and personal device applications, and at the same time expands various mainstream 5G holographic applications such as holographic social communication, holographic family interaction, holographic star interaction, holographic online education and holographic online conference.

VR/AR is the product of the integration of the new generation of information technology. In the past, due to the factors of bandwidth and delay, VR/AR products could result in insufficient rendering capacity, weak interactive experience and poor terminal mobility, etc., which has been the biggest short board to restrain the development of the industry. High quality VR/AR business very high demand for bandwidth, delay, such as for VR, to achieve very good user experience, the bandwidth of the need to reach more than 1000 MBPS, delay to reach the level of less than 2 ms, and to achieve a good user experience for AR also need 200 MBPS bandwidth above and below the 5ms delay, there is no way to achieve this in the age of 4 g, 5 g is the only thing can meet such high transmission capacity.

The increase of the new infrastructure not only benefits Huawei and other core equipment manufacturers, but also Alibaba officially announced its entry into 5G. In addition to the benefits to industry giants, unicorns in niche sectors are also embracing policy incentives. Due to the characteristics of high bandwidth and low delay, 5G is a hot core application scenario of 5G in the application fields of 5G holographic communication, 5G+ Ultra-HD video, intelligent medical care, Internet of vehicles, 5G virtual enterprise private network, etc. Holographic communication, in particular, has become the most forward-looking 5G application technology promoted by operators in 2020.

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