Family Law Can Be Stressful And Needs A Calm And Skilled Mediator To Avoid Litigation

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Family Law Can Be Stressful And Needs A Calm And Skilled Mediator To Avoid Litigation

August 17
18:12 2020

The statistics on divorce in the United States can be astounding.  In California, as of 2020, the rates of divorce were over 1,250,000.  It is also a stress-filled emotional time and every aspect of divorce and family law needs a skilled attorney like Louis Barry Mack of the Mack Law Offices in Palm Desert, California.  Family law runs the gamut from divorce, to separation, to child custody, to spousal support and child visitation rights.  It also can include stepparent rights, adoption proceedings, paternity determinations, and other types of civil litigation outside of family law. Family law is also sometimes called matrimonial law, but this does not mean it is limited to those that are legally married.  Domestic partnerships and business law that encompasses two individuals that are in a relationship can also fall under the definition and mandates of this type of law.

For the most part, family law and some civil litigation can be more effective using a mediator. 

Attorney Mack has 40 years of successful arbitration and mediation experience in both family law and other types of civil litigation.  He spent 10 years as a Superior Court Commissioner and knows the regulations and steps necessary to reach the best compromise for all parties involved in disputes, either family or civil.  Arbitration and mediation are somewhat synonymous and simply mean reaching an agreement between parties without the need for a judge to make the decision.  The parties themselves will come to an agreement.  Both avoid litigation which is much more time consuming and expensive.  The differences between the two lies in the type and format of the proceedings.  Mediation is a non-binding agreement where both parties simply consent to an agreement.  Arbitration is a bit more stringent, is binding, and does involve as many as three arbitrators who are neutral and then will present a judgment which is binding.

Mediation and arbitration cost only about a fifth of what litigation proceedings would cost.

In addition, these types of proceedings can quickly and efficiently settle differences in about a tenth of the time, and because the proceedings are closed to the public, there is much more privacy.  This itself makes arbitration and mediation a less stressful process.  The quick and efficient disposition does depend on the knowledge and skills of the attorney or attorneys chosen for the processes.  Knowledge and experience as well as a calm and flexible demeanor do count for a lot during these processes.  Since tempers can flare at times any mediator or arbitrators on a panel need to possess the knack of de-escalating all situations as quickly as possible.  The only way for these processes to succeed is if all parties remain calm and rational throughout the proceedings.   Picking an attorney like Louis Barry Mack for mediation and arbitration of family law and civil proceedings in the Palm Desert, California area that has the skills and knowledge needed is a necessity.  Choose wisely and have a consultation before deciding.  It is the best course to follow.

About Attorney Louis Barry Mack

Attorney Mack of the Mack Law Offices in Palm Desert, California has been in practice since 1976 and possesses 40 years combined experience in family law and civil arbitration and mediation.  He has 10 years of experience as a Superior Court Commissioner and high-level awards and credits.  There is a phone and email to schedule a consultation rapidly.  

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