The UVlizer™: The Device that disinfects everything, killing viruses, bacteria and germs at the touch of a button

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The UVlizer™: The Device that disinfects everything, killing viruses, bacteria and germs at the touch of a button

August 17
09:04 2020
The UVlizer™: The Device that disinfects everything, killing viruses, bacteria and germs at the touch of a button

The UVlizer UV-C Light Sanitizing Lamp
The UVlizer announces the release of an exclusive, multifunctional device that disinfects surfaces effectively, without any traces or chemicals. Inspired by healthcare research, this efficient portable sanitizer destroys 99,99% of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, mold and other fungi without causing any harm to the user or the sanitized objects. (Wang, 2020)

Designed to fit the increased need of sanitation considering the global impact of COVID-19, the UVlizer is the best home disinfection tool that protects you and your family from infectious diseases, without compromising the air surrounding you.

What is The UVlizer?

The UVlizer™ is the solution for a hygienic household, providing a safe alternative to all cleaning products which are known as containing harmful ingredients, scientifically proven to cause allergies, asthma, and other medical problems, by being endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, and respiratory system irritants (Gharpure et al., 2020). Based on the same UV light technology as the one used in disinfecting New Zeeland’s Intensive Care Units (Brons et al., 2020) and in purifying Iceland’s water, the UVlizer minimizes the risk of microbiological contamination.

Why choose The UVlizer?

The UVlizer device combines two natural concepts: light and oxygen – particularly the light wave UV-C, which is known for being present in the natural sunlight, and tri-oxygen, which is how Ozone is called. Through a formulation of  these two natural “ingredients”,  The UVlizer™  is the solution for ensuring that your home and your preferred objects are 99.99% free from bacteria. Besides taking care of your health, bad odors and other toxins such as formaldehyde are eliminated by using The UVlizer™.

How to buy The UVlizer?

The UVlizer can be ordered from:, the brand offering limited time free domestic shipping in order to support you in protecting you and your family from infections.

How does the UVlizer work?

Biochemistry scientists have been researching this technology for years, and recently they concluded that “UVC light generated by conventional lamps is a well-established anti-microbial modality, effective against a large spectrum of bacteria, disinfecting surfaces by disrupting the molecular bonds that hold together microbial genetic material or proteins.” (Dennis et al., 2020).

What is the brand portfolio?

  1. The UVlizer UV-C Sanitizing Wand: check it here
  2. The UVlizer UV-C Sanitizing Lamp: check it here
  3. The UVlizer UV-C Sanitizing Robot: check it here
  4. The UVlizer UV-C Sanitizing Trolley: check it here

What are the products’ features?

  1. The UVlizer UV-C Sanitizing Wand is a small and powerful tool that was developed with family safety in mind. Effective and  easy to use, The UVlizer UV Wand destroys 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on any surface in less than 30 seconds.
  2. The UVlizer UV-C Sanitizing Lamp is a home disinfection device that has an internal timer and a remote control for optimal sanitation, with remote control and timer which immediately stops the device as soon as the disinfection time has elapsed.
  3. The UVlizer UV-C Sanitizing Robot is a smart robot with artificial intelligence, four UV-C lamps and 18 sensors built in. With remote control and timer, the 38W UV-C bulb can sanitize an area up to 250 sqft, allowing you to set the device in place and relax elsewhere in tranquility, rest assured that any bacteria is eliminated.
  4. The UVlizer UV-C Sanitizing Trolley is he industrial sized disinfection device that can be used in homes, offices, schools etc. It has a metalic structure to protect the bulb and wheels to move freely. With remote control and timer, the 80W UV-C bulb can sanitize an area up to 450 sqft.

What are the side-effects/implications?

There are no known side effects linked to the proper use of the UVlizer.

However, there are plenty of benefits! Just think about being able to eliminate all these pathogens, most of which you don’t even know they’re there, therefore reducing the chance of you or any of your family members getting sick. 100% chemical-free, 100% safe, The UVlizer™ is portable and allows you to use it to disinfect any area of your home or office, or any object you feel like sanitizing.

Total peace of mind by only turning on the device, setting the timer and letting it do its magic while you relax knowing that you are safe from bacteria. It can also be used on any household item that you’d like to disinfect: dishes, telephone, laptops, even your doors and your bed or any other objects of your choice.


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