IPFS windows, building ipfs ecological sphere, as well as unlimited possibilities of future advancement

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IPFS windows, building ipfs ecological sphere, as well as unlimited possibilities of future advancement

July 23
18:10 2020
IPFS windows, building ipfs ecological sphere, as well as unlimited possibilities of future advancement

Before mentioning IPFS windws (IPOS for short), let us apprehend the definition of IPFS.

IPFS, whose Chinese translation “Inter Planetary File System”, is a file storage protocol via peer to peer (P2P) distribution. Such expression is still very abstract, but which can be clarified by an instance.

In the application context, what “IPFS” has been benchmarking is an item named “HTTP”, which you are familiar with comparatively, when you click the Baidu search engine, and what you see is what you get. 

This item called “HyperText Transfer Protocol”, is the URL you enter to retrieve the content that matches its centralized database, so that the objective of accessing the information content can be achieved.

To say it tersely and to the point, the link between HTTP and IPFS is comparable to “centralized storage” and “distributed memory” where HTTP relies on centralized storage which bears the brunt of the attack. The server is prone to downtime as traffic volume surges at a low downloading speed and high storage costs.

IPFS is a distributed node, which is more secure and not prone to be attacked by DDoS. It does not rely on backbone network, at reduced storage costs and with large storage space, at fast download speed and with the capacity to search historical file versions, and in theory, the capacity of permanent storage. 

What is IPFS windows (abbr. IPOS)? What can it bring into IPFS? 

The full term of IPFS Windows is InterPlanetary File System windows based on the IPFS protocol. It builds decentralized, open-sourcing incentive layers and application layers, by means of the block chain technology to form a completely open, free and shared global application chain, thus creating a decentralized and open-sourcing IPFS application ecosystem. 

IPFS Windows is an open, safe, shared blockchain and application chain based on IPFS distributed storage protocol. It is a global blockchain open-sourcing operation system and a one-stop blockchain development platform, permitting anyone to establish and make use of distributed applications operated by the blockchain technology on the platform. For developers, IPFS Windows is an open source platform on which various applications of IPFS can be developed. Numerous types of applications assembled on IPFS Windows can make it convenient for users in all aspects.

One of the pros of the IPFS Windows is its equipment with an entire set of open-sourcing development tools to build and direct these disperses applications, to establish a complete ecosystem of IPFS protocols, so that a platform that links all segments of categorized domains can be realized, to form a more convenient, more rapid and more integrated comprehensive platform.

With the gradual advancement and growth of IPFS in the future, its applications will also increase by degrees. IPFS Windows will take advantage of its own benefits to build an IPFS ecosystem that integrates scattered applications into one platform, by means of effective resources to achieve the optimal effects.

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