Release of MatrixTech: A Revolutionary Insulation Material

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Release of MatrixTech: A Revolutionary Insulation Material

July 22
10:44 2020

MatrixTech is a soft material which consists of environmentally-friendly functional polymer materials and PET substrates. It holds combined features which makes this material unique.


  1. Extremely low thermal conductivity and excellent thermal insulation. The thermal conductivity of MatrixTech is 0.00824 W/m*K. The CLO value of MatrixTech is 0.494 in the application of clothing. The warm effect of 1 mm thickness of MatrixTech is comparable to 5 mm of white goose down. Therefore, the thickness of clothes can be reduced by 80%.
  2. Extremely light and thin. The thickness of MatrixTech is ca. 0.67 mm with the width of 1.5 m. The weight is 43 g/m2.
  3. Moisture-permeable and quick-drying.
  4. Environmentally-friendly and animal-friendly. The synthesis of MatrixTech is under an aqueous system and the only exhaust is water vapor which can be recycled. MatrixTech applied in clothing can replace conventional down, therefore reduce the harm to animals and create a more animal-friendly harmonious environment.
  5. Safe and reliable. The volatile organic compound (VOC) of MatrixTech cannot be detected. The test result of the substance of very high concern (SVHC) fits the criteria of REACH Regulation in European Union. The antimicrobial test shows that MatrixTech meets the AAA level.

    More tests for health and safety issues please visit http://en.

  6. Widely-applicable. MatrixTech can be applied in the temperature range of -50 oC to 150 oC, and many fields, such as clothing, outdoors, construction insulation, and car insulation and so on.

MatrixTech, developed by Beijing MatrixTech Technologies Co. Ltd, has been a rising star ISPO Shanghai 2020. With its unique functions, MatrixTech has attracted tremendous attention.

According to CTO Mr. Feipeng Zhong, MatrixTech provides a revolutionary solution to the thermal insulation, which brings more opportunities and creativities in clothing and other relevant fields. Meanwhile, it can reduce the carbon emission, can be more energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly and animal-friendly.

This material is capable of bringing benefit to the world through its continuous innovation.

About Beijing MatrixTech Technologies Co. Ltd

The project of MatrixTech is launched in 2013 in Beijing. MatrixTech was succeeded in lab R&D in 2017 and the industrialization was achieved in 2019.

To access more information about MatrixTech, please visit http://en.

Media Contact
Company Name: Beijing MatrixTech Technologies Co. Ltd
Contact Person: Dr. Lei Zhong
Email: Send Email
Phone: +49 172 7652109
Country: Germany

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