China’s flooring expert Zhang Aiwen wows the international market with innovative products

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China’s flooring expert Zhang Aiwen wows the international market with innovative products

June 26
14:12 2020


In June 2020, Zhang Aiwen, flooring industry expert and president of China’s leading flooring R&D and manufacturer Huayu Group, has led his team to innovate and develop the HSPC (high stone-plastic composite) series of flooring products. Now that The Home Depot, America’s largest home improvement retailer, has green-lit the company after a comprehensive quality inspection, the new range of flooring has become a featured product of Home Depot and led to a significant roll-out in the international market.

Home Depot is the leading home decor retailer in the United States, Canada, Mexico and China. With 2,234 physical stores, the company has ranked number one in the specialty retailer category by Fortune magazine for nine consecutive years. The cooperation between The Home Depot and Huyu Group shows strong recognition of HSPC products and technology by the international market.

With more than 10 years of experience in flooring, an in-depth understanding of the home decor industry, and an understanding of global fashion trends, Zhang Aiwen has led Huayu and its subsidiary Chiyu to carry out both research and development of innovative products and many improvements of their existing product range. After ceaseless innovation, the technology and function of Huayu’s flooring has brought the whole industry to a new level.

The development of Huayu’s BSPC (bamboo stone-plastic composite) and WSPC (wood stone-plastic composite) started in 2018. This range first caught worldwide attention for its environmental friendliness, wear resistance and elasticity. The resulting high-quality floors are waterproof and even help with noise reduction. Their sought-after appearance comes from the natural texture of bamboo or bark, and they have proved popular customer choices in stores such as Cali, Home Legend, and, of course, Home Depot.

In 2019, for product development, a team led by Zhang Aiwen looked into the problems with plastic flooring at that time. An innovative product range of HSPC with exclusive special paint process has been developed via further research and development. These new Huayu products have many unique advantages compared with competing flooring. The most sought-after quality for commercial use is scratch resistance, making it a perfect choice for busy commercial buildings. Heat resistance also solves the common problem of yellowing or burn marks from dropped cigarettes or similar everyday wear and tear. The floor material is stain resistant and, after a simple paint process, very easy to clean. No equipment beyond a simple mop is needed for basic cleaning. Even graffiti from permanent markers can be wiped off with a damp cloth or an alcohol cleaner.

The production process of the HSPC floor is unique. The formula is both environmentally friendly, with no glue required. With no heavy metals, and formaldehyde and other potentially harmful substances, HSPC products meet the environmental protection standards in China and worldwide, such as EN 14372, EN 649-2011, IEC 62321, and GB 4085-83.

Technology is seen as the center of development. Zhang Aiwen and his Huayu team attach great importance to the protection of their intellectual property rights, and they have obtained a number of patents.

Zhang Aiwen also reorganized and planned the product positioning of Chiyu, a major subsidiary of Huayu Group. The products were originally wood-based panel and glue. In 2017, Chiyu was repositioned as a factory that mainly produces new stone-plastic composite, bamboo stone-plastic composite, and wood stone-plastic composite, with a production capacity of 5 million square meters. The factory can achieve a production capacity of about 500 million yuan. After two year’s construction, the introduction of nine new stone-plastic composite production lines, two German Halma floor slotting lines, two high-performance paint coating lines, and two high-speed floor backing laminators, Chiyu reached their output target of 197 million in 2019. In 2020, Zhang Aiwen plans to build Chiyu into an annual production base of 10 million square meters of HSPC floor, and establish a leading R&D and testing center in China.

For long-term development, Zhang Aiwen has set two goals for the Huayu Group: “Build a leading manufacturer of extensive flooring” and “Establish an independent brand”. Huayu has achieved business results of no layoffs or downsizing, profit growth against the trend, and strong business development. The annual production and sales of Huayu Group can now reach 16 million square meters, with the overall output value reaching 1.5 billion yuan.

With innovative R&D, careful property rights protection, a strategic plan, and meticulous corporate social responsibility, Zhang Aiwen will continue to head the Huayu Group to lead development of the industry.

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