PawSafe Launched: A Superior Pets Nail Clipper Reviews Say

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PawSafe Launched: A Superior Pets Nail Clipper Reviews Say

June 10
23:30 2020

PawSafe reviews are popping up everywhere on social media, and many people are deciding to give these clippers a try judging by all the posts and reviews. Many pet lovers after reading these reviews are trying these nail clippers by themselves right away.

What these reviews are showing is that the old clippers required a lot of hand strength and pressure to be able to properly cut their dog’s nails.

And the amount of pressure and risk of hitting the quick were both very high. 

PawSafe – see their Official Website Here – changes all that with sharp blades, an LED and so many additional features that pet owners are excited to enjoy.

What is PawSafe? 

PawSafe is for many, the choice for gadget of the year. “After reading the first of many PawSafe reviews and viewing a ton of pictures, I decided to give this dog nail clipper a try”, one customer says. And as this experienced reviewer says: “the regular clippers you purchase from the store are dated.”

No one has made much advancement in the industry in a long time.

PawSafe comes packed with features that make it easier to cut dog’s nails, changing the entire dynamic with a new, revolutionary nail trimmer . The clippers are truly different for a few reasons:

  • LED light illuminates the quick to allow you to not only see where you’re cutting but to avoid this sensitive area of the dog’s nails. 
  • Large handle allows you to apply pressure evenly and easily to trim right through the nail with not much effort while cutting. Even someone that has weaker hands and wrist pain can quickly cut through a dog’s nails.
  • Magnifying glass built-in that allows to see the dog’s nails up close for a better overall cut. It enables you to see jagged edges and uneven areas of the nails and correct them thanks to the amplified view.
  • Nail collection area that collects all trimmed nails neatly in a container built into the nail clipper. It avoids having to go searching for nail clippings that go flying all over the room again.

All these features are not available anywhere else, and that’s why many pet lovers recommend the PawSafe to their friends and family. They have really taken the hassle out of cutting their dog’s nails and can finally say “goodbye” to nail cutting fees at the groomer. 
PawSafe currently has a 50% discount that is hard to say no. Click Here

PawSafe is the perfect solution for any animal lover that wants to take care of their dog’s nail trimming without the hassle of going to a professional.

Does PawSafe Work?

PawSafe works very well and it’s not 100% different from the nail clippers you’ve probably used in the past, reviews say. Yes, users mention the clippers are far superior, but they have a similar look and design concept that has been amplified.

The cutters are sharp, and they’ll be able to slice through even the thickest nail with relative ease.

And the LED light and magnifying capabilities work very well. When cutting a dog’s quick, in most times dogs do the screech and blood might start dripping everywhere. Dogs will hold back a lot of their pain, but cutting the quick is one form of pain that will make dog owners feel like a terrible one.

“I remember cutting my dog’s nails, and the next thing I know he was running around with drops of blood all over the floor”, Brenda K. mentions.

The normal nail clippers don’t come with the features that PawSafe is known for bringing to the industry. The bright LED light makes it easier to see the quick while the five times magnifying power zooms in on the quick so that you can avoid it.

So, for people who want to be able to cut man’s best friend’s nails without causing pain, bleeding or having to hire a groomer, they can with PawSafe.

Most pet owners are not a groom, most likely you’re not either, so they choose these nail clippers because they can perform the same great nail trim without spending a small fortune in the process. Check PawSafe Nail Clipper Special Deals at the Official Site Here.

What are PawSafe Pros and Cons?

Every gadget has its benefits and drawbacks. When reading through PawSafe reviews, it’s important to look at the good and bad.


  • LED makes it easy to see the ‘quick’
  • Magnifier allows for up-close look of the nails
  • Ergonomic handle fits nicely in your hands


  • Larger than most clippers

When  reviewing new gadgets, it’s always important to list what you like and you don’t like from it, in this case the nail clipper. The PawSafe dog nail clipper is big. Just look at the thick plastic handle and rubber anti-slip surface. It may take some time to get accustomed to the larger grip before trying to cut your animal’s nails.

But don’t take this larger size as a negative.

In fact, the larger size and ergonomic design has its benefit: easier cutting.

Users have to apply much less pressure when cutting their pet’s nails. If they are using this clipper on a dog, they have likely had to apply a lot of pressure to cut through your dog’s thicker nails. 

That’s the one thing it’s important to stress in this PawSafe review: it’s effortless nail cutting.

PawSafe Facts and Specs

  • Sharp, precision blades
  • Ergonomic handle
  • LED light
  • 5x magnifier to see the quick
  • Built-in nail catcher
  • No-slip rubber grip
  • Works on cats and dogs

Money Back Guarantee?

Want to return your PawSafe pet nail clipper? This company allows it with a 30-day money back guarantee. Hassle-free, simply return your PawSafe for a full refund. 

It’s a no-risk investment.

Final Verdict

PawSafe has made cutting dog’s nails a breeze. The bright LED light allows to see the “quick” to ensure that you don’t hit it accidentally. After using it several times, dogs will know and have confidence that they won’t get hurt when cutting their nails.

And dog owners don’t have to go to the groomer or vet every two to three weeks to cut their dog’s nails any longer.

“After trying a few other nail clippers, the PetSafe nail clipper is the only nail clippers my dog and I trust. It’s the fast, easy way to cut my dog’s nails,” Brenda K. states.

And if they get to purchase this gadget today, customers can receive a 40% discount.

Visit The PawSafe Official Website Here

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