Professional Electrical Services Are Available in Huntington Beach

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Professional Electrical Services Are Available in Huntington Beach

May 18
20:04 2020
Professional Electrical Services Are Available in Huntington Beach

Most homeowners don’t think much about what’s going on behind the walls in their home. However, each time they flip a light switch or use a cooking appliance, they are drawing on the home’s electrical wiring. This can cause serious issues if the wiring is old or damaged.

When everything is working as it should, there is no real risk. However, if the wiring begins to fail, the issues may go on unseen by the untrained eye. To a typical homeowner, quality wiring may appear the same as damaged wiring, and this can cause serious accidents if no action is taken to repair the wires. Some of the top signs it is time to call the professionals, like S.E. Electrical Services, Inc, are found here.

Frayed Wires

The electrical wires in a home can fray due to bending, heat, or corrosion. They may also be damaged because of nails or screws that may pierce or pinch them. While homeowners may not want to hear this, rats and mice often chew on the electrical wires.

If a homeowner notices any signs of mice in their home, check all the wires in the nearby area to make sure there is no clear damage. Wires that are damaged, for any reason, are dangerous. If there are damaged wires, it is a good idea to have it examined and replaced by the professionals at

Switches That Cause a Shock When Touched

If there is a switch in the home that shocks residents when it is used, this is a sign the switch is bad or that the wiring has become damaged. In some situations, a shocking switch can be caused by a wire in the circuit that shorts out to the conduit, which is where the wires have been enclosed. This is not only painful but a clear sign that there is something wrong. It may be a problem with a device that is plugged into the switch, a wire with damaged insulation, or the switch itself.

If the problem continues after all devices have been removed, it means the wiring for that switch is damaged. If that is the case, it is best to call for professional help from

Fuses and Breakers That Trip

The circuit breakers are responsible for protecting the house from any electrical dangers by tripping if the circuit happens to exceed the max ampere rating. The fuses offer the same level of protection, but they will blow and need to be replaced when the ampere limit is exceeded.

If there is a circuit breaker or a fuse in the home that goes out often, there may be a few reasons. It could be because too many high-ampere appliances were plugged in or there could be a short circuit in the wiring.

When it comes to a home’s electrical system, don’t take chances. As soon as an issue is seen, call the professionals for repairs. They can help ensure the issue is resolved and the home’s electrical system is operating safely.

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