Alfeye Technology Launches Antivirus Air Purifier for Elevator to Help People Fighting Against Coronavirus Pandemic

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Alfeye Technology Launches Antivirus Air Purifier for Elevator to Help People Fighting Against Coronavirus Pandemic

May 13
17:22 2020
In April 2020, the Sentinel Prime X Series Antivirus Air Purifier for Elevator developed by Alfeye Technology Co., Ltd. was officially launched, filling the gap in the market for elevator air disinfection equipment.

The prevention and control of Coronavirus has entered a new stage. In fact, according to a group of Harvard disease experts, some form of intermittent social distancing may need to be in place until 2022. As known, the elevator is a high-risk place for virus spreading. Is it possible to avoid people getting infected by the coronavirus while in an enclosed space or high-traffic area like the elevator? 

The “Sentinel Prime” antivirus air purifier for elevator deeply integrates the elevator usage scenarios and exclusive multiple virus killing and purification systems. It provides four-layer protection of “eliminate, disinfection, filter and clean” to the elevator buttons and cars. The product can not only achieve 50 million+ high-concentration positive-negative ion and 253.7 nanometer UVC short-wave ultraviolet, but also combines H13-level nano-level powerful filter material and a powerful air circulation system. This can effectively kill 99.99% viruses from buttons and the air of elevator.

It can also purify formaldehyde, toluene and odor in the air to bring a healthy, safe and comfortable breathing environment to the elevator passengers.  At the same time, “Sentinel Prime” antivirus air purifier have built-in NB-IOT. Through the combination of APP + Internet of things terminal, 7 * 24h real-time monitoring can be realized. This system can always ensure the stable performance of the antivirus air purifier.

The “Sentinel Prime” antivirus air purifier is a special “protective armor” for elevators. It integrates elevator button disinfection with elevator air filtration and purification. It has a compact design, convenient installation, and seamless connection with daily elevators. After being tested by authoritative professional institutions, it certified can be widely used in hospitals, shopping malls, communities, office buildings, schools, airports, high-speed rail stations and other public places equipped with car elevators.

Alfeye Technology realizated an intelligent home in the era of Internet of Things through binding intelligent terminals with Internet of Things AI technology. The company empowers IoT devices with intelligent perception, intelligent control and deep learning. It has already created an in-depth digital global AIOT solution in the field of smart communities and smart homes.  

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