BOC Sciences Offers Featured Carbomer Products

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BOC Sciences Offers Featured Carbomer Products

April 28
14:53 2020
BOC Sciences announced that it will offer varieties of featured carbomer products for disinfection and personal care industries.

On April 28, 2020, BOC Sciences, a New York-based biochemical supplier, announced that it will offer varieties of featured carbomer products for disinfection and personal care industries.

Carbomer is a white, loose, slightly odorous powder with strong hygroscopicity and acidity. It is soluble in water, glycerol, ethanol, and has the characteristics of colloidal solution. Its usual concentration is 0.1%~3%. Due to the low viscosity, when neutralized with alkali, as the carbomer gradually dissolved, its viscosity gradually increased. A clear solution is formed with the low mass fraction of carbomer, while translucent gel is formed with the high mass fraction of carbomer. The gel formed at pH 6~12 has the maximum viscosity and consistency, while when pH12, the viscosity of the gel decreases.

Molecular structure of carbomer contains 52%-68% acid groups, so it has a certain acidity, and the pH value of 1% carbomer aqueous dispersion ranges from 2.5 to 3.0. The hydrophilic matrix carbomer is a synthetic high-molecular weight polymer of acrylic acid. Carbomer products are mainly used in skin lotion, cream, clear skin gel, hair styling gel, shampoo, shower gel, disinfectants and pharmaceuticals.

According to the different structures of monomers, carbomer products can be divided into carbomer 900 series and carbomer 1300 series. Carbomer 900 series is obtained by cross-linking acrylic monopolymer with acryl-based sucrose or acryl-based pentaerythritol, while carbomer 1300 series is a polymer cross-linked with acryl-based pentaerythritol and acryl-based isobutylenic acid copolymer. Carbomer products with various types and application range can be obtained by controlling the relative molecular mass and cross-linking degree of polymers.

Carbomer 934 has the strongest adhesion and can be used in various bioadhesives such as commonly used nasal bioadhesives, vaginal bioadhesives, rectal bioadhesives, oral or oral bioadhesives, etc.

Carbomer 940 is highly adherent and malleable on the skin surface, which can prolong the drug’s retention time on the skin surface and increase its effect. It can absorb exudate in tissues and facilitate the removal of secretions, so it is widely used in the treatment of skin diseases. It is especially suitable for the treatment of seborrheic skin diseases.

Carbomer 941 is a thin gel with high transparency, which has good ion resistance and high emulsion stability in a system containing ions.

Carbomer 980 is used as an efficient rheological modifier to provide high viscosity at low dosage, and has excellent thickening and suspension properties. It is widely used as a suspension agent for O/W type emulsions and creams.

Carbomer 1342 has strong ion resistance. It is particularly suitable for aqueous solutions or dispersions containing small amounts of dissolved salts. It can be used in transparent gel, water-alcohol gel, surfactant system and high electrolyte system.

BOC Sciences can provide carbomer products as raw materials for disinfectants used in the manufacture of hand sanitizers and detergents. For more information, please visit the website:

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