Dentist Warns Against the Dangers of Using Teeth Whitening Strips In Light of New Research

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Dentist Warns Against the Dangers of Using Teeth Whitening Strips In Light of New Research

February 21
17:52 2020

Teeth whitening has steadily become one of the most sought after cosmetic dentistry treatments. As the industry is expected to reach $7.4 billion industry by 2024, cosmetic dentists are becoming increasingly concerned as to what this may mean for patients. One such healthcare professional is Toronto-based Dr Sol Weiss, a cosmetic dentist.

In light of recent research presented at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology’s annual meeting, the growing worry that more and more people are turning to at-home, DYI whitening solutions such as strips, Dr Weiss wanted to drive awareness of the potential risks.

The dangers of whitening strips, according to science

The study in question was conducted by an associate professor of chemistry at Stockton University who used extracted human teeth from cadavers and looked at treating those using whitening strips. As per the manufacturer’s instructions, the strips were left on for an hour and, to stimulate a close-to-reality human mouth environment, the teeth were also soaked in artificial saliva and washed. The researcher then evaluated the level of collages and other proteins from the dental layer in comparison to unbleached teeth, as well as a different set of teeth that have underwent whitening three times.

There are definitely some limitations to this study as it was not peer-reviewed and certainly, extracted teeth act differently in spite of how well we are creating a simulated mouth environment. However these results should be taken as a warning sign that more needs to be done to inform patients of what it means for their oral health. These are commonly used products that can be purchased by anyone at the click of a button and it a rush to get the desired results fast and cheap, many patients can neglect the potential risks that come with whitening strips. This is exactly why we at Art of Dentistry are vocal advocates of leveraging technological advancements such as Zoom Teeth Whitening to help more people achieve whiter smiles in a safer, healthier way.

The alarming findings suggested that teeth whitened with strips once had substantially less collagen and proteins that untreated ones. Whilst in the case of teeth whitening three or more times, the original collagen protein seemed to be close to disappearing.

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