How Michelle Mehta Overcame Unthinkable Obstacles To Move On To Be One Of The Most Successful Teen Coaches In 2020

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How Michelle Mehta Overcame Unthinkable Obstacles To Move On To Be One Of The Most Successful Teen Coaches In 2020

February 03
06:54 2020

Everybody remembers their teenage years, high school, puberty, graduating and moving onto college, heartbreaks, drama; everyone went through ups and downs, it made us who we are today. However, some of us had it better than others, some of us really struggled to fit in, be accepted, or even just be ourselves. This crucial time in our lives is when we grow the most, and what happens during this time in our lives often shapes a major piece of our future. Today we are blessed with the opportunity to sit down with Michelle Mehta, a Teen Confidence Coach from Orange County, CA that specializes in helping teens gain the confidence and guidance they need to succeed in an ever-changing world, where everyone is trying to fit in while going through one of the most stressful periods of their lives to date. Michelle didn’t have the best experience in her youth, she was transferred to 2 schools throughout her high school experience, was bullied about giving hugs and compliments, and really struggled to have a consistent drive to succeed and get good grades. 

Michelle went on to pursue a finance and marketing major in college and quickly decided that it wasn’t for her and began her journey in the workforce. Michelle has overcome some massive obstacles in her life, from transferring schools to being bullied to being laid off from multiple jobs before the age of 25, to even being raped and molested at a young age and not understanding what was happening. Michelle never took no for an answer, she fights harder than most ever would and has gotten over not one, but dozens of obstacles that most people could never bear, and she’s still thriving!

After years of struggle and heartache, Michelle still stands tall and now is on a mission to coach teens to help them to overcome obstacles in their lives, be themselves, deal with problems and really thrive in their youth. Michelle helps her students see their potential and works avidly to make sure everyone sees their purpose, and never for a second doubts themselves, setting them up for a future of success through confidence and self-worth.

Michelle I believe I speak for everyone when I say it’s an absolute blessing to have you here with us today, thank you so much for taking time, how are you doing today?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity, I am doing great! It’s my pleasure to be here!

So glad to hear! Don’t thank me you’ve earned it! As we all know, you’re a teen confidence coach, can you briefly explain what that is & specifically what you do for your clients?

Absolutely! I help middle school and high school students achieve their goals, reduce their insecurities, help them increase their confidence and motivation, get them aligned with what they are truly capable of creating and even work to reduce the fear and the pressure that is created by their peers and their loved ones. The client and I focus on goals, create values to help achieve their goals, and set boundaries around the things that are and not supporting them in achieving their goals. 

Incredible… just incredible, now how long have you been doing this & how many people have you worked with?

I have been a Professional Coach for about 5 years now, and I have worked with over 50 people in helping them achieve their goals and dreams. 

What’s a common issue you see with your clients?

A common issue that I see with my clients is their feeling of not having enough confidence to achieve their goals and dreams, not feeling good enough, feeling like they do not matter, feeling they are not worthy enough, and feeling a lack of love for themselves and others around them.

How to combat not only this issue, but the other issues your clients are dealing with?

Simple solution! I combat these issues by asking more questions around the feelings and the emotions that they are facing in not being able to achieve their goals. I also support them in getting to the root cause of the purpose behind their goals. I want my clients to feel seen, heard, and understood, this allows them to see their true nature and realize their potential!

What inspired you to become a teen confidence coach?

When I was a Speaker at career day at my old middle school, I realized at the end of my presentation that these students need me and I am the best person for them. These students have these “evil voices” in their heads telling them they are not good enough, not smart enough, not worthy enough, etc, and if I do not do anything to help them, well then it is going to get worse as these students get older. Middle School and High School are the foundation for adulthood, and if issues are not being handled at that level, it will and can get worse over time. So many parents want what’s best for their children, but just don’t understand the best way to connect with their child, and personally it just comes natural to me.

How has your past impacted how you help your clients?

My past has definitely shaped my coaching style. I did not know that I was an empath until I was 27 years old. I used to get bullied in middle school for giving hugs to my friends and in high school used to be called a lesbian for giving compliments to girls. Had I known that I was an empath at an earlier age, I would have created stronger boundaries, valued who I was, and gained the confidence to love myself every day, rather than hate myself every single day. I used to write “HIM” all over my notebooks when I was in school, and I did not want to startle anyone, so I would write “HIM” and reality it meant “I Hate Myself.” I want people to love themselves every single day no matter how young or old they are. I want people to have boundaries that are strong to protect them, in order for them to not get all walked over and misunderstood. Being an Empath has empowered me in numerous ways, I wish I had learned about my strengths at an earlier age rather than later, and I make every moment count. 

As someone like yourself, that has faced so many obstacles, some being so brutal one can’t even imagine the pain you endured, how do you use these past traumas to help you prosper today?

My traumas have definitely shaped me to be the best person that I can be. I have learned to fall in love with myself and truly mean it. I am more confident and I know what I am capable of no matter what. I fell in love with my insecurities, making them my greatest strengths. I used to be called a “cry baby” because I could cry in a second, and now I see that as one of the greatest gifts because I am able to handle my emotions, accept my emotions, and use my feelings to make better and empowered decisions, and in turn creating a confident lifestyle. 

Has there ever been a client you weren’t able to generate results for?

Being a Teen Confidence Coach is a beautiful career, and it is fulfilling when my client is eager and wants to transform their lives. It is very challenging when the client is not willing to transform by being stuck in an “Ego” based conversation, that everything is fine and I do not need help, because everything is fine with me. People who know they are stuck, and do not want to make any changes, are the types of clients who do not get results. There are young kids who are lacking confidence, and as a Coach, I can see that they are lacking confidence, and when it comes to parents, the parents do not want to invest in coaching for their kids, thinking what will people say about my child, not realizing that they are hindering their son/daughter’s progress by not investing in themselves. Coaching is a personal development investment, you have to see and believe in the process, and results will automatically be generated. 

What advice would you give to a teen currently struggling to fit in and be themselves?

Stand in the mirror and tell yourself that you love yourself with all the perfections and imperfections. Focus on the present moment “right here, right now” and see that your worries will disappear. Learn to appreciate all the good and all the bad. There are always lessons to learn and experiences to enjoy, as long as you are open to see the differences. Celebrate something every single day, the size of the achievement does not matter. 

With all that’s going on for them, what do you believe is the key factor to being confident & happy as a teenager?

Always follow your heart, trust your gut feelings and/or intuition, and let go of the “evil voices” inside of your mind telling you things that you know are not true. Your Soul lives in your heart, it always knows best. You can reprogram your mind with new information all the time. Start saying Affirmations, sentences that began with “I AM.” Some of my favorite Affirmations are “I AM Confident, I AM Loved, I Love Myself, I AM Proud of Myself, I AM Smart, I Got This, I AM Worthy, I Matter, I AM Doing the Best I Can, etc.” 

One last question Michelle, how can people get in touch with you so they can work with you or ask you any questions they may have? I’m sure many parents will want you to work with their kids struggling with these same issues.

Thank you so much for having me, it has been a pleasure. Of course, you can reach out, and I would love to hear from you.

My website:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (714) 878-1714

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