The Homo Stimulus – How Behavioral Capitalism and the Stimulus Society created the new human being and initiated the Age of Collective Individualism

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The Homo Stimulus – How Behavioral Capitalism and the Stimulus Society created the new human being and initiated the Age of Collective Individualism

December 09
22:04 2019

• The confrontation of the population with artificially generated stimuli has increased massively in recent decades

• Technological development now makes it possible to stimulate all areas of personal life 

• The population became accustomed to fast and short stimuli

• These are not only passively consumed, but also actively demanded and shaped

• The modern stimulus society has come into being

• This stimulus society has therefore conditioned a new human being: the homo stimulus

• The stimulus society, in combination with behavioral capitalism, has ushered in the age of collective individualism

At the beginning, there should be a thesis: The world is changing at a rapid pace. But it is not only she who is breaking new ground, but also man himself. The homo stimulus was born, the stimulus man, whose share of the total population is constantly increasing and which will make up a majority in future generations.

An evolutionary development? An adjustment? A product of external influence? It depends on the point of view, but the following pages do not want to repeat the basics of the social sciences, for this there are undoubtedly better attempts, but rather a development of conditioning for fast-frequented stimuli and their end product, the homo stimulus, consider and put these to the discussion.

It remains a thesis that is intended to serve the understanding of a new reality. The first is already necessary because the changes are obvious and therefore absolutely require new explanatory approaches. But that applies to so many areas and here we, the Erich von Werner Society, an independent think tank, come into play.

Andreas Herteux, the CEO of Erich von Werner Society, deals with these and other topics. Among other things, he was the author of:

  • The Model of Behavioral Capitalism

  • The model of alternative hegemony (AH model)

  • The Theory of Homo Stimulus

  • further theories

Topics that will dominate the 21st century and provide answers to the many questions of doubting people who understand the world around them less and less. These answers und Diskussionsgrundlagen can be given by Erich von Werner Society ( and Andreas Herteux ( New impulses that are urgently needed.

If you want to understand the world in all its complexity or are simply looking for ideas to change the world, our institute is the right address for you. Contact us, because only together can we shape the future. There’s nothing to lose, but to win a better world.

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