How annuities provide stability in an unstable world, according to industry leader Safe Money Manager

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How annuities provide stability in an unstable world, according to industry leader Safe Money Manager

December 07
00:36 2022
Annuities have become a go-to investment because they offer a steady stream of income during retirement, often until death. They provide stability in an unstable world because even when the stock market plummets, investors still get their payments as scheduled since annuities are funded by insurance firms, not in the stock market.

Individuals are living longer and healthier lives and some changes in how retirement savings would last means looking at ways how people can make their savings and income from varied sources last as long as they do. According to industry leader Safe Money Manager, that’s where annuities come in. 

Annuities are a financial insurance policy that people fund with a lump sum or timed contributions. Although described as an insurance contract, annuities are investments, and as with all investments, there is some sort of risk involved. Unlike most investments, however, there is no downside risk. While anyone can purchase or own an annuity, they are often an ideal source of steady income for retirees,” says Gerry James, Safe Money Manager Financial Advisor. 

Annuities can be structured to give investors what they need – fixed, immediate, or deferred income beneficiary legacy structures or simply a walk-away safe investment platform.

“Annuities have proven to provide stability in an unstable world – particularly during stock market crashes,” explains Gerry, who has helped hundreds of clients optimize and diversify their retirement investments. 

For example, many individuals think about the stock market crash of 2008. The thought of another market crash is just enough to make investors anxious. However, it’s essential to know that not all investments are created equal.

A fixed-indexed annuity is one kind of investment that will provide principal protection and guaranteed income – even if the stock market crashes, according to Gerry. A fixed-indexed annuity is not invested in the stock market, which is why it is not subject to the similar ups and downs of the market. Annuities provide stability since the principal is protected, and investors can get a guaranteed rate of return. In addition, they may take advantage of the opportunity to get interest when the index performs well. This is the reason why even if the stock market crashes, investors’ money will be safe, and they can still get a return on their investment.

With fixed annuities, investors can count on getting out what they put in – most always, even more. That type of predictability helps balance their other investments that are more sensitive to market changes. In whatever way the stock and bond markets perform, investors typically receive at least a minimum return from a fixed annuity in their portfolio.

Those who wish to learn more about annuities and how to start investing today may visit Safe Money Manager through its website at or follow its social channels for more information.

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