Singapore’s Top Branding Design Agency, DWHQ, Revolutionizing the Branding Design Arena

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Singapore’s Top Branding Design Agency, DWHQ, Revolutionizing the Branding Design Arena

October 22
12:09 2022
DWHQ, the top branding agency in Singapore, is known for transforming businesses with design and has served the international market since 2004. The team of experts at DWHQ formulated a process to help clients solve their communication and marketing needs with compelling, creative branding and design.

DWHQ firmly believes in helping businesses move through design

Flexibility sits at the core of branding agency DWHQ’s business model. Using a hybrid workflow, the team spans the globe and offers real-time results with teams in the US, UK, and Asia. Creative cloud applications and artificial intelligence-assisted plugins allow DWHQ teams to collaborate, brainstorm and integrate ideas simultaneously. 

“With backgrounds ranging from promotions, marketing, and advertising to design, corporate, and communication, each professional at DWHQ contributes a unique perspective and expertise to the various creative challenges our agency encounters when working to achieve a client’s design vision,” DWHQ founders said. 

DWHQ uses project management tools to track tasks and project status, ensuring forward progress and controlled efficiency. With DWHQ, clients gain access to a network of creative leads and ideas, which serve as the foundation for successful branding. 

DWHQ clients gain access to a network of creative leads and ideas

Transformation by design

The experts at DWHQ stand out from other branding agencies in Singapore because they work to understand the client’s business objectives and design a branding strategy to accomplish those goals. Once the team has a plan in place, the designs created for the client are no longer merely art. They transform into functional pieces of communication meant to serve the company’s purpose. 

Edalin Ching, Account Director of DWHQ

“There are three things that companies must invest in—the business, their people, and how they communicate their USPs (unique selling proposition),” said DWHQ Accounts Director Edalin Ching. 

Ching said many businesses, particularly those dealing with business-to-business (B2B) transactions, rely on design to help them increase their communication successes and strengthen brand positioning within the industry. Working with top Singapore design agencies like DWHQ smooths the process immensely, making it possible for clients to achieve success and growth. 

“In today’s landscape, transformation is a big word,” Ching said. “Therefore, businesses must invest in communication design to better express their new transformational direction to internal employees and external customers.”  

“Whether you are a multi-national company strategically expanding into Asia, a start-up that wishes to set up your unique brand blueprint, or a small to medium enterprise that plans to venture abroad, DWHQ is your branding agency choice,” Ching said. 

Eight key areas of communication

DWHQ achieves client success by focusing efforts on eight critical areas of communication. 

–  Creation of a brand blueprint
–  Localization of a brand
–  Setting a marketing strategy
–  Business proposal design
–  Design thinking
–  Innovation and customer experience
–  Digital motion and sensory
 – Digital communication design and integrated media

Through these areas of communication, DWHQ has built a reputation for competent efficiency in the B2B space. The company can assist clients in creating winning sales pitch presentations, organizing an influential white paper, modernizing a heritage brand, establishing an exclusive niche, creating a physical space of imagination, and so much more. 

DWHQ modernized a heritage brand like Singapore Polo Club, founded in 1886. By helping them rebrand their logo, DWHQ creates a refreshed, modern brand relevant to the current market trends that will keep the Singapore Polo Club brand going strong for the next century. 

Creating a winning sales pitch presentation can be incredibly difficult, but Accenture experienced a successful pitch with DWHQ. There’s only one chance with a sales pitch, and DWHQ helps clients crystallize their ideas and concepts to make the pitch interesting and easy to understand with customized imagery that impacts the key message. 

Creating a one-of-a-kind experience is among the many services that DWHQ provides. Right in the heart of NCS, a physical space of imagination known as SURF Gallery was created to help NCS clients envision how tech solutions can work for them. This massive project included space planning and physical construction, content creation, and the curation of interactive elements into the space.

Additional services 

In addition to its role as a creative design agency in Singapore, DWHQ also offers industry-specific copywriting services, ensuring clients have the content for their websites that maintain consistent brand messaging across platforms. DWHQ also provides professional graphic motion animations and video creation services. 


DWHQ continues to make waves as the top branding agency in Singapore as it revolutionizes the branding design industry. To learn more about the company, visit the website or reach out on social media at LinkedIn

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