Floyd Advisory Group: Helping People Achieve High Levels of Success

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Floyd Advisory Group: Helping People Achieve High Levels of Success

October 20
04:27 2022
Coaching and mentoring budding financial advisors

As the saying goes, money makes the world go round. It may sound superficial but money is the most important commodity in society and everybody comes to terms with this as they get older and realize how expensive living life can be. Not having enough money can be limiting and it poses a lot of challenges, which is why it is essential to be financially literate. At Floyd Advisory Group, they are honing experts in finance so more and more people can begin the path to obtain financial security.

Floyd Advisory Group is a new name in the financial industry. While the company’s beginnings are still novel, its founder, Shavona Floyd, is a maven known for her commitment in helping her clients consistently make smart and informed financial decisions. She spent five years working as a financial advisor for First Command, where she rallied with her clients in their pursuit of life-long financial security. It was through her grit and determination that she was able to help hundreds of families and accomplish various successes in the company as a Fast Star Advisor of the year, Rookie Advisor of the year, and Top Gun Advisor of the year.

Shavona is a strong believer that there are no shortcuts to financial security, which is why she is an advocate of time-tested financial principles, prudent and responsible debt management, disciplined saving and investing, and a thoughtful insurance strategy for managing financial risk. The goal of Floyd Advisory Group is to work with financial advisors and life insurance agents – leveraging Shavona’s knowledge and experiences in teaching and motivating a new breed of financial leaders.

At Floyd Advisory Group, one of the values they would like to instill among financial advisors is to always have their client’s best interest at heart. A good financial advisor does not only understand one’s short-term and long-term financial goals, but they also have a foresight of tailor-fit financial solutions. For instance, what works for a single adult in a high income family does not exactly apply to a family breadwinner.

Success cannot be achieved without taking action and the first step to a great career in the financial industry is to form trusting and long term relationships with clients because financial matters are personal and subjective.

Without a doubt, Floyd Advisory Group has a strong backbone behind its vision of teaching eager financial advisors to achieve high levels of success in their careers. To know more about the company, visit https://floydadvisorygroup.com/.

Floyd Advisory Group

Floyd Advisory Group is a company founded by Shavona Floyd, a military spouse, mother of three, and retired financial advisor from First Command. They are teaching people in the financial industry how to achieve high levels of success.

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