Maggie Brown Sparks An Interest In Readers With Her New Book

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Maggie Brown Sparks An Interest In Readers With Her New Book

October 19
02:09 2022
Maggie Brown Sparks An Interest In Readers With Her New Book

Readers are now looking for more exciting things to read into. The feeling of opening a fresh new book excites a reader way more than anything ever could. The way the first line catches one’s attention is something truly different.

You will reminisce over these feelings once you read Maggie Brown’s new book, Skimming The Surface. The book is about a teenager named Irina who skates her way through life. She works hard and has had the opportunity to explore the world doing what she works hard towards.

The opportunities that life gives her make her appreciate the connections that she has made throughout life. However, wouldn’t you get tired if you continued to have the same daily routine in hopes of being perfect? The same people, the same injuries, and the same insults over and over and over again. After a while, you’ve fallen enough times to realize the pain is the same too.

With time one realizes that some people aren’t supposed to be kept around and are known to pull you down. A fight between the moral compass and succeeding in life is what presents itself as a tribulation.

This is all that the book is about, finding new people and making hard decisions. Not everything in life will work out the way you want it to, but somehow the end will be just fine.

“Is Irina feeling all right? The last time we saw you practice, she seemed a bit distracted, and we thought perhaps she wasn’t feeling well. Then we ran into the Van Maeters at Lincoln Center the other evening, and they told us they’d heard Pashenka had some doctors treating Irina. Bryan, my dear, you know your father, and I will always support your interests, but there does come a time to be practical. If Irina isn’t well, her performance may suffer. Can you truly afford to have a partner who isn’t up to the task? Please don’t mistake me, Irina is a dear, sweet girl, but you could have any partner in the world with your talent. And, of course, my son, if you need anything—additional funds, private training facility, anything at all, we will provide it.”

Another charcter from the book who skates professionally along with Irine, Bryan, finds a letter from his mother, which sparks an interesting thought process. Through all this, the ending may seem destined and boring; however, the book still contains excessive drama and many twists and turns. The book signs off with a realization and slight appreciation for what time has brought for them.

About The Author

Maggie Brown is a homebody and is closely attached to the people around her. Her father plays an important role in helping her light her interest in writing. She has had a keen eye for reading since age 5, and this love for literature has only grown with time. Thus this book was written out of the sheer love of providing people with something to enjoy.

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