International Bestselling Author MacKenzie Nelson Shares Details of Her Book and Her Life story

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International Bestselling Author MacKenzie Nelson Shares Details of Her Book and Her Life story

October 18
21:57 2022
International Bestselling Author MacKenzie Nelson Shares Details of Her Book and Her Life story

To me, it means that God’s blessing is on you, therefore, you prosper, bloom, and succeed at your efforts
MacKenzie Nelson, the #1 international best-selling author, “High Voltage” Podcast host, and Book Launch Specialist, has shared details of her book and life in a recent interview with RHG Magazine.

MacKenzie Nelson, author of the international bestseller, My Father’s Feathers: A Journey of Transformation and Healing One Feather at a Time, has shared her personal journey of healing in her book with the goal of launching her own nonprofit called Chloe’s House.

“I wrote my book three pages a day over the course of a few years before the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade had been decided or was even being discussed,” says MacKenzie Nelson. “I was prompted to share about my abortion after being led by God to write my story three pages a day.  I made my choice to abort from a place of unrealized trauma including inaccessible, repressed memories involving sexual abuse.  In addition, I am half-adopted and due to negative experiences from my upbringing, adoption was not viewed as a positive option from my perspective. I could have greatly benefited from sitting down with a therapist to talk about how all of these factors played into the decision I was making regarding my pregnancy.”

MacKenzie says she wants to give others the opportunity she did not have when she initially discovered she was pregnant through her nonprofit, Chloe’s House.  It is her dream to connect pregnant women with certified therapists to speak about their upbringing, background, and life experiences free of cost. The professionals can illuminate how all of these factors help to formulate their unique perspective and how the totality of it all has an impact on the decision they are making.  She also wants to book women to speak and share about the choices they made and the impact of that decision on their lives.  By listening to various women share a variety of experiences and choices, it is her hope the pregnant woman facing her own choice will feel more prepared and educated to decide what is best for her.

“I strongly believe each woman deserves to have a voice, no matter her story, no matter where she is at, no matter what she believes,” MacKenzie says.

It is her dream that Chloe’s House will serve as a respite away from the opinions of the rest of the world not currently personally facing the choice regarding the heated, embroiled battle at the forefront of the decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade. It will be specifically focused on the women who are personally facing this decision apart from many who are weighing in with little to no personal experience walking out a pregnancy.

“I am also rolling out a 3 Pages A Day to Transform Your Life Journal so everyone will have the opportunity to go on their own healing journey, just as I did while writing this book,” MacKenzie is excited to announce in addition to her plans to launch Chloe’s House.

She hopes her journal will help those looking to write their own book but feel too overwhelmed to start, or for those who are looking to heal and process their thoughts.  MacKenzie had no previous writing experience and no connections in the media industry prior to starting to write her three pages a day.

Thankfully, she met Rebecca of RHG Media and instantly connected with her. She was first published in an anthology called “Step into Your Brilliant Purpose” where she shared about the power of forgiveness.  Rebecca extended MacKenzie an opportunity to work for her company, and has enjoyed helping other authors launch their books to this day.

Mackenzie has a podcast on YouTube called “High Voltage” where she aims to help others stay fully charged and engaged in the present moment.  She speaks about a variety of topics relevant to her life and shares her learned experiences in an effort to help others know they are not alone whatever they are going through or struggling with in life.  There is always hope.

“If you are feeling stuck, like no one can relate, frustrated, or not sure what to do next, I want to help you,” MacKenzie says. “I have a free thirty-minute session available on my website.  Please feel free to reach out to me.”

Mackenzie also wants to give a special shoutout to RHG Media and everyone else who supported her and helped encourage her to publish her story.  She hopes to pay that kindness forward by encouraging others share their story by utilizing her 3 Pages A Day program.

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About Mackenzie Nelson:

MacKenzie Nelson is a #1 international best-selling author. She is a podcast host, restaurant owner, book launch specialist, former high school all-state basketball player, and lives to bring others healing and hope through sharing her story. She resides in Peoria, IL, with her husband, Brett, her son, Lincoln, and her daughter, Vada.

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