Hwayda Kater Debuts Magnas Academy to Help New Businesses Create Brand Credibility with Ease

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Hwayda Kater Debuts Magnas Academy to Help New Businesses Create Brand Credibility with Ease

October 18
00:42 2022
Kater offers strategic communication design and training services that bring the power of startup pitch decks to new businesses and service providers

Hwayda Kater, the founder of Magnas Media Inc., a communication design agency in Vancouver, Canada, has announced the debut of Magnas Academy. Magnas Academy features workshops, online learning, and coaching programs that help new businesses and service providers create instant brand credibility with ease.

As a brand strategist and creative director, Kater specializes in helping startups and established companies in the private and public sectors communicate their business solutions. Over the past 20 years, she has worked on hundreds of pitch decks and sales presentations and helped her clients generate over $500 million in funding and sales.

That’s when she noticed a big difference between startups and small businesses.

Startups need funding to bring their innovation to market. So they spend a lot of time, effort, and money clarifying their market need, business model, and income potential. That is how many startups get funding while still in the idea and development phase.

However, many new business owners and service providers approach business planning and marketing communication with a hit-and-miss strategy. In many cases, there is no clear plan on what they are trying to accomplish other than generate enough income to pay the bills.

Kater is now on a mission to change that. “It’s time for new business owners and service providers to create more strategic and predictable results by taking advantage of startup planning and communication strategies,” says Kater.

Statistics show that the top three reasons businesses fail are because they (1) don’t satisfy a market need, (2) don’t have a clear business plan, and (3) lack financing.

Using the power of pitch decks, new entrepreneurs and service providers can now clarify and articulate their market needs, accelerate their business planning process, and create strategic communication to help them get more funding and sales.

Kater simplifies the pitch deck creation process and helps her clients and students adjust the presentation content to fit different audiences, including investor, marketing, and internal communication.

More information can be found at https://magnasacademy.com/

About Hwayda Kater

Hwayda Kater is the founder of Magnas Media Inc. and Magnas Academy. She provides communication design and presentation services and training programs to help executive leaders, savvy entrepreneurs, and growing businesses open new markets and increase sales.

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