Untouched Agency CEO Announces Huge Donation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Untouched Agency CEO Announces Huge Donation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 17
13:48 2022
As October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Untouched Agency CEO Steph Too Trill, a leading entrepreneur who has carved out a name of his own in the industry, seeks to turn awareness into action by enabling support and education towards breast cancer.

Untouched Agency has announced it will be donating 50% of its clothing sales to The National Breast Cancer Foundation for the month of October. Apart from this, its vast roster of models will be spreading the word to support the cause. 

Untouched Modeling Agency owner Steph Too Trill says that this is only the beginning of Untouched Agency in giving back to the community and giving back to females all around the world.

The company’s vision to give back to provide support for women stems from the owner’s love for his mother, who, despite all the odds, raised him and her brother back in Palm Beach.

“She almost did pretty much everything to make sure we were good. So now that I’m blessed with a platform and an agency to help others, it’s only right that I help the woman who took care of me my whole life. That help is extended to many women affected by breast cancer, as well as breast cancer information and additional resources,” says Steph Too Trill.  

Steph Too Trill has been earning massive praise for being a 24-year-old entrepreneur who generated millions through the Untouched Agency. 

Through a point A to Z management scheme, Steph Too Trill says the team is able to handle postings to promotions, messages, home key posts, and many more. 

Ashley, an Untouched Agency model, said since taking the offer of Steph Too Trill for a business opportunity has helped her boost her confidence while at the same time making her a social media influencer with thousands of followers.

“Ever since then, I’ve been thriving. It has helped me grow my social media, and I make really good money. I’m trying to grow in modeling, and this has helped me a lot to not care about what people think. I do what is going to help me at the end,” says Ashely. 

Steph Too Trill, for his part, says: “We already go on Instagram and do other things for free. Why not use a platform that’s helping you monetize it?”

Untouched Agency presently has global offices in Columbia, the UK, and the Dominican Republic. It showcases over 200+ clients and a staff of over 100. Steph Too Trill, alongside Derrek Brown, has led the charge in pushing for newer ways to build their clients’ brands while at the same time women along the way.

The Untouched Agency, Steph Too Trill stresses, stays on track to promoting women’s empowerment on a global scale, and redefines how companies hire women across the globe. It is a leading social media marketing agency specializing in the recruitment and management of models.

Those who want to learn more about Untouched Agency and check out some Untouched Merch may visit its social channels for more information. 

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