RVM Capital Launches Hedge Fund “Black Talon”

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RVM Capital Launches Hedge Fund “Black Talon”

October 17
13:30 2022
Australia-based hedge fund manager RVM Capital, launching their flagship Black Talon Fund.

RVM Capital has proudly announced that the long-anticipated “Black Talon” hedge fund is open to wholesale investors across the globe. The fund manager imparted that Black Talon’s objective is to achieve an annual absolute return of 5% above the benchmark over a period of five years. 

The company’s spokesperson has imparted that RVM Capital’s vision is to generate an absolute return and remain unperturbed by market fluctuations; to manage and mitigate market-related risks, all the while working towards improving diversification. 

Ultimately, the fund plans to contain and limit volatility and variance within the portfolio to ensure the highest possible returns for its investors, through active capital management and quantitative analysis. “At our core, we look to invest in robust business with strong fundamentals and distinguishing characteristics which separate them from competitors”

The fund’s investment committee, helmed by Ryan Mendes as its Chief Investment Officer, leverages years of experience into delivering consistent returns for investors, culminating with the conception of the fund in early May this year following the incubation and refinement of the investment strategy for nearly two years beforehand. 

The Fund has the ability to take advantage of market mispricing or similar opportunities through the use of derivatives and other financial instruments and strategies globally. “This allows for us to be quite contrarian in our idea generation, which we find particularly important at the moment, given the market conditions we have encountered and continue to experience across the world.”

Investors’ expectations have evolved significantly in Australia, which only propels us further to consider alternatives in generating optimal returns in all economic conditions. Mr. Mendes has affirmed “We are not, and don’t want to be just another ‘cookie-cutter’ fund manager with a vanilla long/short strategy which hugs an index. Risk-adjusted returns are ever so more prevalent within the wider investors’ portfolio, with an increased focus on capital preservation.”

The modern investor has learned the necessity to gain access and exposure to global markets and alternatives. The fund therefore, needs to echo this philosophy, remaining flexible, non-reactive and unconstrained by geographic boundaries or index benchmarks.

Market “noise” and thematic investing have little bearing on the decision-making process within RVM Capital’s offices. We aim to separate the extent of such notions, which may otherwise artificially distort the merits of the business being evaluated – fostering an independent, constructive, and objective view. This tiered approach enables the team to ultimately decide how much capital to deploy and how to deploy it.

“The idea of what we wanted ‘Black Talon’ to mean has been building over many years. Naturally, we are just so pleased to be in a position to invite external investors to join us on our journey as the fund evolves further.” 

More information about RVM Capital and the recently launched Black Talon hedge fund is available on the company’s official website

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