TSC public chain should emerge in time to create a global decentralized and unbounded aggregation ecology

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TSC public chain should emerge in time to create a global decentralized and unbounded aggregation ecology

October 15
08:42 2022

The “Summer of DeFi” in 2020 triggered a boom in mobile mining and opened up unlimited opportunities for DeFi. By the middle of 2022, TVL’s total lock-up volume in the DeFi market has reached $78.454 billion, up nearly 85 times from $914 million in the same period last year. As more and more investors join the DeFi mining army, the DeFi market is accelerating its boom due to multiple catalysts, and this huge market demand and value space is the driving force that will bring TURING SMART CHAIN together.

TURING SMART CHAIN (TSC) is committed to building a professional unbounded aggregation ecological public chain based on Moore’s Law expansion, providing high performance and low cost for large-scale applications, based on the concept of “unbounded aggregation”. By “data”, “capitalization of the future”, value card “, “liquidity”, “governance”, “income, whole-staff-participation”, “financial times” and other services, realize the natural economy, application, and consumer economy coordinated development, to create balanced and sustainable human management unit, let more people to participate in and enjoy unbounded ecological and economic benefits.

TSC is an ecological empire based on blockchain technology developed and built by the world’s top blockchain technology geek team using blockchain 3.0 technology. It originates from the largest international geek organization “Anonymous”. Through TTD ecological governance token as traffic entry, to create a complete application ecology of full-scenario blockchain financial asset value, to conform to the public chain environment in the real world, to introduce physical operation logic, with TTD as the consensus token, It is applied in eight scenarios such as DeFi, NFT, NFT exchange, Gamefi, real economy consumption, online cross-border mall, Metaverse and Swap.

The TSC created by TSC Geek Lab has strong application and broad prospects. With the future of the TSC volume rising, in order to satisfy the ecological supply chain, and traced the development of new distributed financial value chain, TSC to drive everybody’s common interests, create a conducive to better network economy of all participants – new decentralized ecological chain, and scattered TSC1.0 ecological public data into valuable data, Through big data regulation and market mechanism, financial demand and cross-border demand are taken into account in the design of the underlying platform of blockchain, providing incubation scenarios for industry-level ecological applications, creating multiple benefits for the majority of users, and taking expanding into the top alliance ecology in the digital era as the ultimate goal.

TSC the world’s first communication anti-forensics technology: reject double standard, decentralization is the only measure of the public chain standard

In 2021, there was a sensational theft of a well-known public chain. When qubit on the chain was stolen, BNB and BUSD, with nearly 100 million funds, waited anxiously to cross the chain. The hackers waited for two days, and the victims repeatedly begged BSC to freeze the hacker’s address. Binance gave a stern reply: BSC is decentralized. The final result is that the victim watched his assets, a stroke of the hacker leisurely from the chain transfer.

In the blink of an eye to the beginning of October 2022, at the same time, overnight theft incident, is also nearly one hundred million funds, because it is the public chain of their own assets, the official team in a few minutes will stop all nodes. It can be seen that the double target event has always existed.

TSC is the world’s first communication anti-forensics technology, which consists of nodes contributing resources to form a distributed server system to manage static data, dynamic data and communication, and complete the functions provided by traditional networks such as httpd, SSH, FTP, SMTP, SCP, POP3, IMAP and so on. Self-encryption and authentication achieve secure access, secure access to the network, storage, modification and communication operations, and provide many services that cannot be achieved in the centralized network structure. Financial requirements and cross-boundary requirements are taken into account in the design of the underlying platform of the blockchain, and the infrastructure of open global business ecological services is constructed, and the whole process of asset circulation can be recorded, and the chain data can not be tampered with.

With the development and expansion of TSC ecology, the value circulation and operation of TTD tokens will be more efficient, fast and flexible. TSC also starts from the ground application, the core technology precipitation to the public chain, provide credible value circulation support for data transactions, let the token into life, realize innovation from mode to paradigm, and finally form a general module, which is used by more people, inject more vitality into the blockchain, and become the leader of the public chain competition.

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