A purpose led journey of true global impact

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A purpose led journey of true global impact

October 13
18:20 2022

Marisa Padilla is one of those individuals who lights up a room, leaves you with a feeling of increase and always goes above and beyond. As an international speaker and successful entrepreneur Marisa is making such a positive impact on the world. When we talked to Marisa, she had the following to say…

“Since I was a young girl, I’ve had a vision of helping others. I didn’t quite understand at what capacity that would be because I was a little thing back then, but I always envisioned myself sharing stories and speaking in front of a large Audience to help serve others in some way. As I grew up I realized that a lot of the trials and tribulations I have faced in life have actually become the necessary tools needed to help others and that was that if I could get through the most difficult times, show how I got through those times and then be able to showcase that a messy time can be utilized as a very powerful message because I am living proof. That was when I knew this is what I was to do. Leaving a high-paying job was not a difficult decision for me in the sense of knowing that I was doing the right thing as I needed to be able to serve to all walks of life and if I stayed where I was, I would only serve in one demographic.

“I want to leave a legacy in this life for my children and generations to come of being a part of helping as many lives change for the better as possible. Speaking has never been about having the spotlight on me, speaking has always been about sharing stories in the hopes of just saving one person from themselves. If I have helped one person than I have lived a full life. The reason I call my program “The Takeaway” with the tag line “your mess is your message” is simply to remind people that no one is perfect. Perfection does not exist. There is a takeaway in each and every experience we encounter in life. We should wear our scars with pride and dignity because it is within those painful moments that uncover purpose for things in this life. Purpose for ourselves more clearly. One of my favourite stories in the Bible is the story of Job. Job was a man who had everything and then within a blink it was all taken away from him. He suffered greatly but he never gave up on his faith and because of that he was able to see the purpose in the pain. Everything that we have gone through and will go through has a purpose. There is a powerful message in the mess. There is purpose in pain. No one’s story is better than the other and no one’s pain is greater or worse than the other, everyone’s different and everyone’s matters.

“I often say that we are all like snowflakes every snowflake is unique, each one has a divine beauty, that was created with so much detail and serves a purpose even when it seems small just look when multiple snowflakes land together, they form the most beautiful white sparkle that covers the earth and gives it a beauty you cannot put into words. When they land, they land right where they’re supposed to. My calling in life is to share all my pain and my adversities to help others and intern it helps me. Not everyone is born to do the same thing, but everyone is born with a divine gift to give in this life, and we all feel what that is deep within.

“I just hope to encourage people to seek their passion, believe in themselves and not live under the unrealistic standard that we are our mistakes but rather that our mistakes are the necessary steppingstones to what builds our character and expands our hearts and minds. Through adversity is where wisdom is born.  We can either learn from it or continue to make the same decisions but with either choice you are choosing to live your life delivering your mess as your message. So, I say to you as you read this.  You are special, you matter more than you know, God makes no mistakes and that you are the most beautiful masterpiece of all. Live a full life my friends by digging deep within to discover your purpose and the pain you’ve endured along the way in life is necessary for the message you are created to share. It’s never easy but helping someone in life through your heartache makes it all worth it.”

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