LEDSAVER Luna Square Dishcloth Sterilization Drying Rack Launched on Amazon

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LEDSAVER Luna Square Dishcloth Sterilization Drying Rack Launched on Amazon

October 12
19:24 2022

Luna Square is LEDSAVER’s smart home appliance brand that offers convenience and small happiness to suit each user’s lifestyle through connection with the Internet of Things (IoT).

Luna Square’s dishcloth sterilization drying rack was developed for the hygiene management of dishcloths used in the kitchen. Dishcloths are used to wipe up food spills and to clean tables and cutting boards. Therefore, they are generally always left in a highly humid place within arm’s reach, creating an environment where various harmful bacteria can breed and causing bad odors.

– This product can solve the hassle of washing and drying dishcloths in the kitchen, where there is less sunlight than in the living room. It sterilizes and dries dishcloths using warm air flow and UV sterilization.

Technical characteristics

– It is a sterilization and hygiene product that can sterilize 99.9% of photobiologically certified visible light using a total of 18 harmless UV-A LEDs on 2 hanger rods, reducing drying time by more than 50%.

– Buttons consist of a power on/off switch and dial. The air flow speed can be adjusted with the dial.

– This product has a compact size of 340mm x 110mm x 34.5mm (WxDxH) so that users can easily place it in a narrow kitchen environment. This, therefore, conveniently minimizes the area occupied by the product in the kitchen and enables efficient use of space even in a confined kitchen area. 

Achieving crowdfunding

This product successfully achieved funding through Korean crowdfunding platforms “Wadiz” and “Kakao Makers” and Japan’s “Makuake.” Subsequently, we are preparing to export to major overseas countries such as the United States and European nations after identifying the demand and necessity of sterilized and dried dishcloths. Currently, this product can be purchased on Amazon.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialLunaSquare

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officiallunasquare/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/luna-square-73416a203/

Website: http://www.smartluna.net/

Luna Square Dishcloth UV sterilizing drying rack: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09NKX5X7S

Size : 340mm x 110mm x 34.5mm (WxDxH)

Material : Stainless steel, wood, steel

Weight : 2.25kg

Media Contact
Company Name: LED SAVER
Contact Person: Hyunwoo Kang, Headquarter Manager
Email: Send Email
City: Seoul
State: Gangseo-gu
Country: South Korea
Website: http://www.smartluna.net/

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