Byte Exchange Announces %100 BEXT Stake Campaign

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Byte Exchange Announces %100 BEXT Stake Campaign

October 07
03:42 2022

Byte Exchange created a unique staking platform where BEXT holders gain Bext rewards. Distributed reward tokens generated by buyback operation from the market. Seven different periods are designed for staking options, and each option has different reward categories. Of course, the longer you stake more reward BEXT tokens you will get.

Byte Exchange is a centralized cryptocurrency Exchange as a part of the Bytedex ecosystem, and the BEXT token is the primary unit of Bytedex. Total of 311.951.756 BEXT tokens on the market, and the maximum circulation amount is nearly 227.000.000 BEXT tokens. Bytedex targets 100 Million tokens to be staked with stake rewards. Currently, %45 of this target is fulfilled, and almost 45 million BEXT tokens are staked.


New Stake Reward Program : %100 BEXT Stake Campaign

Bytedex announced a stake reward program later this week. The program incentivizes the users when they stake current tokens and gives more BEXT tokens to be staked if they stake new tokens on the stake platform. The stake platform operates on the link:, and users log in with Byte Exchange credentials.

Users will get a %100 boost for staked tokens currently on the stake platform, which can be basically described as users will get doubled daily BEXT token rewards. When users stake new tokens, they will get an extra portion of BEXT tokens on the stake platform on one year to 3 years of staking options according to the level you are in as a BEXT holder. Each level generates more Bext token rewards. In addition, some other options served to users, like earning VIP access to early staged projects presales and Bytedex commemorative coin only created a limited 2000 metal coins has significant privileges for users.





500 BEXT  — 5.000 BEXT

% 4



5.001 BEXT – 25.000 BEXT




25.001 BEXT – 100.000 BEXT




100.001 BEXT – 1.000.000 BEXT




1.000.001 BEXT – 5.000.000 BEXT



The official announcement about the %100 BEXT Stake campaign can be found by following this link:

Bytedex, as a crypto Project, has ambitious goals and, from 2021, fulfilled most of the steps daily. An experienced team with excellent communication with the community can easily overcome further steps. Bytedex mainly targets creating a global crypto platform, including CEX crypto Exchange Byte Exchange, a DEX wallet Byte Wallet, and Bytedex Social applications where users can earn airdrop tokens. Next year’s planning starts with the launch of Byte Chain and Byte Hybrid Exchange. 

Byte Exchange will rock the crypto trade

The platform website is on, and users can reach one of the most technological CEX Exchange Byte Exchange from the leading website or with a link:

Byte Exchange has a maximum capability of 84 Million transactions in a second, and each transaction is completed in 40 nanoseconds. Currently, 135 pairs are opened to trade, and as Bytedex announced pair number will increase to 350 by the end of the year and as many as 800 by 2023.

Crypto space has opportunities as well as dangers. Bytedex is an opportunity as a new ecosystem in the crypto space. Most of the critical part is the define the criteria of early-stage good projects and catch the opportunity when projects haven’t been discovered yet by large investors. 

Byte Exchange has already achieved significant milestones, and the BEXT token may be a new opportunity for crypto enthusiasts. Better follow and DYOR.

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Byte Exchange Twitter :

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