The Groundbreaking Flashinfo By Flashcloud Intelligence Group Is All Set To Raise The Bar High In The US Market

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The Groundbreaking Flashinfo By Flashcloud Intelligence Group Is All Set To Raise The Bar High In The US Market

September 15
19:42 2022

FlashInfo – the leading global B2B sales intelligence engine, is changing the face of sales by helping clients discover and target prospects in an accurate, timely, contextual, and cost-effective way with the powerful database.

Businesses try to find data daily to optimize their sales and marketing efforts, track competition and gauge buyer sentiment. Here FlashCloud Intelligence Group comes into action by launching its cutting-edge solution “FlashInfo” in the US market that will quickly provide the data in real-time.

FlashInfo is a global B2B sales intelligence engine that empowers companies to discover and capture high-value sales opportunities. FlashInfo aggregates and enriches over 200 million data labels from thousands of public and private companies and 600 million people profiles worldwide, delivering more than 4 billion data for sales professionals to discover the right opportunities. In addition, FlashInfo provides unified 360-degree contact profiles that include details on the industry, competitors, geographical locations, etc.

FlashInfo intelligence data label and business insight is a one-stop solution for sales teams to acquire, engage, and communicate with customers. Sales representatives can effectively discover potential customers, classify them, and generate a list of targets based on identified factors in the market that could match their ideal prospect. It takes companies the right decision-making way and dramatically cuts sales and marketing costs.

A disruptive technology company enables sales and marketing professionals to fully understand their prospects and customers, leading to better Consumer insights, lead management, and business development. FlashInfo Empowers businesses with actionable opportunities and validated leads to identify and engage the right customers.

To enhance their market competitiveness and sales engagement, companies need to conduct deep research on crucial decision-makers and leads of a target account. FlashInfo is critical in effectively gathering information on global accounts, and the complex data collected can be used as valuable sales intelligence. Data-driven insights define a company’s strategy, leading to better business outcomes.

With its great accessibility on mobile, web, API, and extensions, FlashInfo is the essential sales intelligence engine for the 21st century. It empowers CRM systems with comprehensive data enrichment capabilities and enables sales and account managers with instant B2B intelligence. For example, using FlashInfo’s rich sales data, a business’s CRM system can identify contact partners it is looking for in the specific sales region or industry without any effort to process more deals in real-time and up-sell opportunities.

When asked about the uniqueness of FlashInfo, the founder of FlashCloud Intelligence Group said, “Global sales intelligence and engagement engine. That’s not just a buzzword. We provide global business intelligence on companies and executives in 100 categories with the comprehensive company, financial, executive, and contact information. This makes it easier for sales and marketing professionals to find prospects and access needed leads. Using hundreds of data sources, datasets, and platforms, FlashInfo delivers data on companies by country and industry. We help you find connections and opportunities previously hidden from you, build productive relationships, and get more deals done. Leverage the data you require anytime and anywhere to boost your sales and growth!”

Want to know about the latest market trends in the industry? Are you tired of manually analyzing trading information and sales data? FlashInfo is a perfect way to reach the large number of target customers that should be contacted at the right time with the right promotional message by optimizing resources and providing an integrated workflow for sales employees. FlashInfo delivers all rounds of target customers’ portraits based on more than 1,000 data dimensions.

Start using an effective strategy to reach potential customers with high relevance. It’s designed to assist the enterprise marketing team in making strategic and well-informed marketing decisions while maximizing the efficiency of customer acquisition at the same time.

FlashInfo’s customer engagement engine provides predictive analytics for customer retention, up-sell, and cross-sell opportunities. The machine is fueled by complex AI algorithms that correlate data sources from various technologies, including operational systems, chatbots, emails, websites, CRM, and databases, to generate high-value marketing and sales engagements.

All in all, FlashInfo contains information about thousands of companies in multiple vertical categories. Thus, the tool effectively manages sales flux, market analysis, competitor research identifying sources, and customer profiling. So head over to for a data-driven revenue boost!

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