Lose fat and increase muscle with Essential Amino Acids

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Lose fat and increase muscle with Essential Amino Acids

September 15
04:12 2022
I.AM.AMINO is 2 – 6x more effective than protein

As obesity continues to be a growing concern for Americans and others worldwide, scientists are busy finding new ways to understand the body’s functions when it comes to burning and storing fat. It is estimated that over two thirds of the American population is overweight, which adds to concerns regarding the increase in associated diseases such as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and cardiovascular disease. That is why scientists are researching foods, drinks, diet types, and even “types of calories” to help people adapt healthy ways to look after themselves.

Studies have shown that the usage and storage of energy from foods can be affected by what types of calories are consumed. For example, a study in Japan found evidence that consumption of dietary protein and fat, particularly from animal sources, is associated with a higher overall risk of mortality due to increasing the risk of diabetes, insulin resistance, and cancer..But what does all of that have to do with Essential Amino Acids? For starters, EAAs are primarily responsible for the amino acid-induced stimulation of muscle protein synthesis (the set of reactions that construct molecules from smaller units). This is important for athletes because faster recovery and less pain means they can maximize the effects of their training and make better progress. As the body builds muscle, it increases its basal metabolic rate. But there are other advantages to implementing EAA supplements into our diet.

Essential Amino Acids not only serve as building blocks in protein synthesis, but also trigger signals that play an important role in energy homeostasis and our body’s metabolism. For example, the leucine and isoleucine in I.AM.AMINO help boost energy, regulate blood sugar levels, and promote healing. As mentioned in our first paragraph, the source of protein plays a role in how it is used by the body. Therefore, it is important to ensure the body is being fueled by the right balance of proteins.

That is where I.AM.AMINO takes the guesswork out of your nutritional planning. Our product is absorbed and effective at a rate of 99%. That energy is put straight into the building blocks of your body’s system and used to increase strength, build muscle and lose fat. Plus, it is also a great way to support intermittent fasting, as it does not trigger an insulin spike.

I.AM.AMINO is scientifically designed to be the perfect blend of Essential Amino Acids that the body can put to use for a healthier you. It is available in powder form to mix with water for a refreshing raspberry-flavored drink or in tablets for fast, precise dosing.

For more information on how I.AM.AMINO can help find a healthier balance, check out our blog.

Use I.AM.AMINO to lose fat, increase strength, and build muscle.

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