How Mine PrivacyOps Can Protect Enterprises

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How Mine PrivacyOps Can Protect Enterprises

September 13
00:57 2022

To say that data privacy is essential to businesses is an understatement. In an age where hacking, manipulation, data phishing, and breaches are rampant, data protection is paramount to every company’s lifeline. The reality is it’s not just a mere protective measure – it’s the best strategic opportunity a business can have not only to survive, but also to thrive. Large enterprises invest in data protection to beat competitors by protecting their user’s data. For startups, building their business with trust and privacy is the best opportunity not only to protect employees, but also to gain clients. Keep in mind that building a trusted customer relationship is cardinal to growth in the B2B SaaS paradigm.

As the rapid tide of digitalization continues, several companies are now shifting to no-code/low-code tools as part of the latest cloud strategy. The acceleration of this business model was seen during the peak of the pandemic when digital services surged to exceptional heights. In fact, technological analysts foresee that the use of cloud-native technologies will become a mainstay and not just a trend. However, there are two problems: security and privacy. While the low-code/no-code shows insurmountable promise, it’s also most vulnerable to breaches. Businesses are quickly scouring for solutions that bridge the gap between security and productivity.

One company is dedicated to making data privacy rights accessible to businesses and consumers: Mine PrivacyOps.

The Inception of a Comprehensive Privacy Suite

Established in 2018 by CEO Gal Ringel, CPO Kobi Nissan, and CTO Gal Golan, Mine’s inception was based on the idea of developing a comprehensive privacy suite of offers. They gathered a team of experienced and dedicated experts in the fields of cybersecurity, consumer technology, and venture capital to make this vision possible.

Mine PrivacyOps provides scalable privacy infrastructure, simplifying consumers’ access to data. It allows users to create automated workflows with maximal consent and privacy request management, data mapping, ROPA, and risk assessment. What’s more, Mine makes it possible to discover and manage one’s personal data online, as well as streamline and automate business’ privacy operations to increase customer trust.

A Consumer-Centric Privacy Experience

Mine PrivacyOps’ goal is to deliver a consumer-centric privacy experience that will satisfy and empower both customers and companies. Their user-friendly, fully-automated, and effortless products allow users to:

• Unify privacy requests into one platform;

• Replace spreadsheets with real-time, automated data mapping;

• Effortlessly fulfill privacy requests with no-code integrations;

• Identify and validate users with email;

• Get a comprehensive view of vendors’ cyber posture through automated security questionnaires;

• Collect consent for privacy regulations;

• Stay ahead of the curve with their DPO advisor;

• Boost trust by giving customers control over their data; and

• Reduce handling time and costs using automation and integration.

What’s more, Mine’s services has an immensely easy-to-use UI that eases API integrations, automating privacy compliance, consumer access, and deletion requests. As part of their customer-centric experience approach, they’re dedicated to making this platform as user-friendly and extremely comprehensive as possible.

Trusted by 2,000+ companies; 100% visibility and control of all external data sources; and only 5 minutes to set up the entire fully-operational infrastructure, Mine PrivacyOps continues to break grounds in the B2B SaaS’ privacy and cybersecurity landscape.

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