Entertainment Exclusive: Award-winning Filmmaker David Tarleton Shining in the Industry

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Entertainment Exclusive: Award-winning Filmmaker David Tarleton Shining in the Industry

September 12
15:48 2022

Latest on Award-Winning Filmmaker David Tarleton

David Tarleton is an award-winning film and television producer, director, and editor. David started his route in the entertainment industry at a very young age becoming a professional child actor while still in elementary school. By the time he was in high school, David had directed his first play. While studying in college at the University of Virginia, he started to explore filmmaking, which lead David to a very successful career in the entertainment industry.

He moved to Los Angeles, California to get his MFA from the University of Southern California, before going on to create programs for the largest production companies in the industry, including Universal, Warner Brothers, Walt Disney Pictures, Fox, Showtime, SyFy Channel, and many more. David worked on many notable productions including directing the supernatural thriller feature, “Hunter.” He produced & directed the television series, “Dark Secrets,” for cable channel 3Net owned by Discovery, Sony and IMAX. David also edited The Muppets’ popular series “Statler and Waldorf From The Balcony!” With longevity and success in the industry, and a creative vision behind all of his work, David co-founded Tarleton/Dawn Productions, with his wife, Adria Dawn, a production company that has become very respected in the industry and has won a multitude of awards.

David Tarleton is also a college film professor at Columbia College Chicago and former head of the graduate Cinema and Television Arts programs!  Read more news below on David Tarleton and his latest film productions.

David Tarleton Gives an Exclusive Insider about Working on Notable Film Projects:

We have an exclusive update with David Tarleton sharing some of his most memorable projects!

Director & Producer David Tarleton Talks the making of Dark Secrets, Sci-Fi TV-Series:

“When I was producing and directing for the television series ‘Dark Secrets,’ I loved being able to play with so many different elements. It’s a science fiction anthology series in a pseudo-documentary form, which was really fun to make.”

The Making of the Supernatural Thriller Hunter

‘Hunter’ is a thriller feature film described on IMDB as “Haunted by demons real and imagined, a young homeless man grapples with the truth about the shadowy figures that killed his mother and sister.”   

“I loved directing ‘Hunter.’ Being able to explore a thrilling supernatural story in the context of interrogating homelessness and toxic masculinity was really exciting for me. Plus, it was MMA vs. vampires!– David Tarleton

New Screening: ’What Babies Want’, a documentary produced and edited by David Tarleton got a new screening in 2022! David shares how he feels about the feature, read below.

Seeing ‘What Babies Want’ have a new second life, almost 20 years after I produced and edited it, has been exhilarating. It’s incredible to know that a new generation of parents will have a chance to experience this film!– David Tarleton AWARD-WINNING FILMS & UPCOMING PROJECTS CONFIRMED

Many projects are currently in the works and some are released! Recent projects include, ‘Gray Area’ and ‘Karen’ both dramatic films for social change, both of which won Telly Awards in 2022. ‘Gray Area’ was co-directed by David Tarleton and Adria Dawn and ‘Karen’ was directed by Tarleton. Both films were produced through Tarleton / Dawn Productions. ‘Karen’ has made a great impact to its viewers and won over 11 awards at the film festival circuits.

“In the past few years, I’ve really been focusing on films for social change, as well as producing and co-directing the ‘Kids Matter’ series. I’m really excited about our next project, ‘Back to One.’ The story is loosely based on my wife and partner, Adria Dawn, and it will focus on ageism in Hollywood, as well as mental health, addiction and loss.” – David Tarleton 

Recently Completed Projects: ‘Identity,’ episode eight of “Kids Matter,” just wrapped this summer and will soon be starting its festival run. David was the co-director, editor and producer on it. ‘Identity’ deals with gender identity and inclusion.


David Tarleton and partner, actress & filmmaker, Adria Dawn are a rising powerhouse duo in the industry. David shares an exclusive insider look at how it is working with Adria and their partnership.

“I really love making films with Adria. We’ve been a creative partnership for almost two decades, and we really compliment each other creatively. She amazes me all the time with her creativity!” – David Tarleton 






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