Devon Tarantino Drops “Therapy” From His Debut EP, Now Available On All Platforms

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Devon Tarantino Drops “Therapy” From His Debut EP, Now Available On All Platforms

September 09
03:27 2022
Devon Tarantino is an emerging American writer and artist, famous for crossing over established music genres and forming a unique blend of pop, rap, punk, and quality music.

Mental health is a difficult topic for most people. While many artists avoid it in large circles, suffering from anxiety, depression, and similar conditions themselves, an aspiring American artist named Devon Tarantino decided to break the silence and speak about what so many of his peers and fellow artists feel. 

Devon knew that he had to stand out before his voice and message could be heard. He did not pursue wealth in the rap world; he did not pursue stardom in the realms of rock; he did not rebel along with the punks, nor did he want to be an overnight sensation with a poppy summer hit. 

Devon did not conform to the written rules and systems. Instead, he formed his unique style that bypassed the barriers of music genres and categories. 

By leveraging his talents as a singer, lyricist, and wordsmith, he stepped into the shoes of his idols and polished his craft. “Therapy” is his latest EP, but it certainly is not his first contact with the music world. 

Devon entered the music industry with Empty Promises, an EP he released in 2017. Featuring songs like “Escape the World” and “Whiskey And Water”, Devon emerged on the hip-hop & rap scene. He collaborated with 27Club and Steezefield on “Can’t Change”, and with Jared Evan on “Sorry”. Empty Promises EP was a huge success for him, having garnered over 50,000 reactions across various streaming services. 

He came back in 2019 with several singles, with “Hung Up On Love” being his most prominent achievement in R&B and Soul. During this time, Devon found a new voice within himself and expressed a range of different, authentic emotions. 

In 2022, the Covid-19 Pandemic came, and with it, the majority of people were confined in their homes. Where most saw desperation and anxiety, Devon saw an opportunity to address the globally degrading mental state of the world. And thus, “Therapy” came to be. 

Devon Tarantino’s “Therapy” is a venture in alternative rock, featuring a mixture of sonic elements and sensibilities coupled with striking lyrics meant to not only connect but stick to the listener. 

With titles such as “Lately”, “Scarred”, and “Help”, Devon poured his soul out in words and tunes. “Therapy” is an album that goes against the grain, ignoring the established music trends and popular styles for the sake of sending a powerful message: “endure and overcome.” 

Devon Tarantino realized that the world had one too many “comfort” tracks and albums and wanted to strike the problem at its source. His tracks are meant to shake and wake the listener up, compelling them to accept the problem before inspiring them to take action.

Devon Tarantino’s “Therapy” is now available on all platforms. More information about Devon Tarantino is available on his official pages on Instagram and Twitter.

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