Recession Coin ($ECON): The first token built to help hedge against the upcoming recession while rewarding in Bitcoin

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Recession Coin ($ECON): The first token built to help hedge against the upcoming recession while rewarding in Bitcoin

July 25
17:00 2022

After raising more 60 000$ in the presale phase, Recession Coin launched on PancakeSwap on July 4th, 2022. With approximately 150 holders at launch, they now form a community of more than 600 investors. After multiple partnerships and marketing campaigns, they are currently aiming at maximizing their exposure on a global scale and at raising awareness on the actual economic environment.

The team, constituted of 4 core members, is based in Canada. Their first project, Valentine Floki, was one of the most successful project of the Binance Smart Chain network in 2022, running from a 190K launching market cap and peaking at 4.2M, while attracting more than 5000 investors.

The ECON philosophy:

Ever heard of the saying ”Buy the rumors and sell the news”? This occurs when investors are expecting good news to be released, so people start investing in something, and when the good news is finally announced, people start selling! The opposite is also true: when we are expecting bad news, investors start selling and once the bad news is announced, they start buying. That is exactly what is happening right now with the global recession. For the past months, whales have been reducing their investments in different sectors and taking profit before everyone else and they will be the first to buy the dip once the recession is officially announced.  

Now, let’s deep dive into the matter; what is a Recession?

Looking at the global economy from a macro-perspective, it is clear to see that it has been in a bear market for the past few months. This is mostly due to the high inflation seen throughout most countries. High inflation occurs after a period of high demand and booming economy. In other words, people spend a lot of money, hence the demand is very high and the supply decreases. What is specific to the past few years is that on top of this high demand, the Feds have printed trillions of dollars in order to help the population and the economy survive during the Covid pandemic. In the short-term, this large amount of money provokes a big bubble in the economy, whether it’s in the stock market, in cryptocurrencies or in the housing market. However, high inflation is not a sustainable strategy for long-term prosperity. In order to lower inflation, one of the actions that governments need to issue is the increase of interest rates. When this happens, payments, such as monthly mortgages bills, increase drastically, leaving individuals to be more conservative in their investments, especially risky and speculative investments. The stock market also tends to fall leaving the average men and women into a period of high uncertainty.

Lowering inflation to its average percentage takes quite some time and the higher the inflation, the longer the period. This period, if as severe as the best analysts are currently predicting, is called a Recession. This is the reason the team has cleverly decided to adopt this name for their project, as this will be the most discussed topic in the next year or more. In order, to welcome the rainbow after the storm, the ECON team has integrated a high Bitcoin reward, so that their investors can benefit from this BTC’s current low price and accumulate more of the most successful asset of the 21st century.

Recession Coin focuses on building a strong community and providing accurate educational content to their investors by hosting AMAs with professional investors, day traders and financial analysts from various sectors. The team wants to provide in-depth knowledge of the current economy, optimized strategies for building a strong portfolio and insights on how to invest wisely during this crisis and the years to come. Crafting unique utility along the way, such as NFTs and social media educational channels, will also allow ECON to stand out and grow. With their 3 main pillars being growth, communication and education, the ECON team believes that even during the dark times, a society can defy the odds and generate wealth. 



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