Grownu Presents an Innovative Workforce Management Solution to Companies of All Sizes

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Grownu Presents an Innovative Workforce Management Solution to Companies of All Sizes

July 25
14:54 2022
Grownu is a workforce management tool designed to augment the performance of companies by delivering innovative time tracking, logbook, work and shift schedule, and other cutting-edge features.

Employee productivity is one of the fundamental aspects of any successful company. However, not many firms can afford the luxury of expert workforce managers or have the funds to outsource a myriad of third-party management tools. 

Grownu offers a simple, innovative solution to what is widely regarded as one of the most prominent challenges for most businesses – optimizing employee productivity and efficiency without creating a dedicated HR department. 

Grownu is a streamlined workforce management system equipped with an array of bleeding-edge features, including time tracking, clock-in tracker, shift scheduling, logbook, verification flow, customized alerts, a stationary kiosk in premisses, and calculation of special rates during night time and bank holidays, and much more. 

Scheduling the shifts of employees, assigning custom roles, and receiving customized alerts are some of the main functionalities of Grownu. With this tool, business owners can digitize their time-tracking process by bringing employee clocking into the virtual sphere. 

The Grownu logbook is a versatile functionality suited for not just business owners, but outsourcing agents as well. It tracks the status, earnings, costs, and profits that each employee contributed to the company/agency. Furthermore, the logbook features customizable filters that can be used to find concrete information about teams, individual employees, and specific tasks assigned to each employee. 

One of the most innovative Grownu features is the Work Schedule module. With this feature, businesses can plan, assign, and schedule tasks ahead of time. Integrated international bank holidays suits for every state or country to schedule work accordingly. Night time feature shows and helps to accumulate different rates at different times. All additional rates can be manually set based on the organization’s location and local laws. 

The Kiosk feature is a remote employee identification solution, which streamlines the process of clocking in/out and can be implemented across multiple locations. Customized alerts and advanced reporting offer powerful analytic tools that are remarkably easy to use. Explore all the  Grownu solutions on the company’s page. 

The company has also released the Grownu companion app to allow its users to utilize its benefits on the go. Most of the tool’s original features can be accessed remotely on any compatible device. Grownu’s powerful mobile app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. 

What sets Grownu apart from contemporary workforce management apps is the ability to assign custom roles to employees, managers, and the rest of the staff. 

Grownu is widely used by innumerable companies and brands across various industries. Many restaurants work shifts are leveraging Kiosks to obtain physical clock-in and employee identification information; in terms of field-work optimization, construction, cleaning, pest control, and repair & maintenance organizations have an opportunity to reduce their costs by building well-informed schedules and customized projects & tasks. 

Numerous Health Care companies have found Grownu as invaluable help in assigning shifts, tracking the time of their employees, calculating employee overtime, and extracting big data with its advanced reporting features. 

The landscape of the industry of manufactory has been reshaped by Grownu, as its shift calendar functionality, workforce management, and employee identification tools have allowed dozens of firms to manage their employees. 

Retailers and self-employed entrepreneurs are also leveraging Grownu to take their businesses to the next level by using its robust planning and analytics solutions. 

The main reason why Grownu has reached the prestigious status of one of the most popular workforce management solutions is its outstanding versatility. Users of this program will benefit from the ability to customize a range of company settings and even automate numerous mundane processes and tasks. 


Just like companies that use it, Grownu is growing more powerful and eclectic with each subsequent update. Every company can try the software for free. More information about Grownu is available on the company’s official website.

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