Happiem Launches a Social App that Increases Life Satisfaction

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Happiem Launches a Social App that Increases Life Satisfaction

July 25
14:30 2022
American workers enjoy the least amount of paid vacation of workers in any other wealthy country. The new social app from Happiem is on a mission to change that.

Today, Happiem announced a social app that will help Americans enjoy their leisure time more and spend their hard-earned vacations just the way they want. U.S. citizens are notorious for leaving paid vacation days on the table. In fact, the United States is frequently referred to as a “no-vacation nation.” Part of the reason for this is that many American workers get only a small number of paid days off, especially in comparison to other developed countries.

Many countries mandate that all workers should be granted at least 20 days of paid vacation each year. Some countries take leisure time even more seriously. In France, workers are guaranteed at least 30 paid vacation days a year, and that doesn’t count paid holidays.

In contrast, the United States federal government mandates no paid vacation days or paid holidays. It’s estimated that one in four U.S. workers get no paid days off at all. With such limited vacation time available, it’s easy to give up on travel and live vicariously through other people’s social media posts.

According to a report by the U.S. Travel Association, even if a worker gets paid vacation days, there is a reason for skipping it and that is the plain old guilt. People don’t want to leave their co-workers in a lurch, and there are so many more important things to do than take a day off. 

But what if there was a friend that could push “us” out of that guilty thinking and into enjoying life to the fullest? With the Happiem social app, that friend is only a button away. Using scientific methodology, the founder of Happiem has found a way to encourage social users to do more than just Like and Save great vacation ideas. The Happiem app puts you on the road to actually planning that dream vacation and making it happen.

Happiem is a new social app that uses positive psychology and scientific methodology to help users improve their happiness levels. Instead of mindless scrolling and “hate-liking” other people’s social media posts, Happiem helps its users set and achieve goals that will improve their quality of life. Happiem also has a feature that can actually track happiness level like health apps track daily walking goals.

When Happiem users find a vacation or activity photo they like, they can choose the “Plan” button to automatically enter the photo on their calendar. With options that are more than “click it and forget it,” friends can start planning dream vacations and fulfilling adventures together.

Happiem wants its users to be happier, not to push them to buy things you don’t need. That’s why there are no annoying ads or predatory algorithms choosing what to show on the social feed. Happiem converts using a social app to be a positive experience that pushes people to go outside and participate in more real-life experiences, like taking the vacation they’ve always dreamed of.

About Happiem

Happiem is a revolutionary new social app by Mehran Java who has been studying the impact of social media apps since 2017 and was inspired to create Happiem to help people enjoy all of the good aspects of social apps while improving — not harming — their personal well-being.

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Company Name: Happiem
Contact Person: Mehran
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Website: https://happiem.com/

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