San Antonio Tree Pros Uses Tree Pruning to Help Homeowner Open Up His Property

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San Antonio Tree Pros Uses Tree Pruning to Help Homeowner Open Up His Property

July 23
09:12 2022

San Antonio, California – After being away from his home for 7 months, George came back yesterday. Although he had improved his trees before leaving San Antonio for a contract job in Texas, the homeowner found the trees surrounding his home overgrown.

The trees made the landscape look more like a forest,” said George. “Their overgrown crowns couldn’t give the home access to sunlight. When sitting in the home, you could not view the surrounding areas. The family did not want to live separated from the outside world.”

The home noted that after using San Antonio Tree Pros for years, he knew that its team of tree service providers would be just ideal for the landscape improvement project. George had saved the company’s number on his contact list. All he had to do is dial the number and inform the team of his issues.

When the company answered the phone call,” said George, “they had a very happy woman on the other end of the line. The woman noted that she had recorded all the information the family communicated to her and she reported a team member would be coming out to check on the trees and provide a cost estimate.”

The homeowner noted that a professional arrived on the landscape less than an hour after the call. The professional took less than 15 minutes to inspect and provide the quotation.

Just as the family had expected,” said George, “San Antonio Tree Pros was extremely affordable. The family immediately asked the professional to plan to initiate the tree trimming procedure as soon as possible.”

To see how San Antonio Tree Pros helps homeowners read this story:

San Antonio Tree Pros reportedly arrived on George’s landscape late that afternoon. Working between 3 pm and 7 pm, the company trimmed about 10 trees on the first day.

The team has always boasted same-day service delivery,” said George. “Seeing the team arrive on the landscape on the same day the family invited it was enough proof that the company had not changed its practices in the seven months the family had been away.”

The homeowner noted that on the following day, San Antonio Tree Pros arrived on his landscape ready to complete the tree trimming procedure. The company reportedly brought its bucket truck and a crane to handle some trees that were standing very close to the homeowner’s house.

As usual,” said George, “watching the company working was such a pleasure. The company used the crane to control the falling direction of the branches its team removed from the trees standing next to the house. By controlling the falling direction of these branches, the team eliminated the risk of property damage.”

The homeowner noted that by the time the team was done with the tree trimming procedure, his landscape was open to the surroundings. He noted that he could now enjoy the morning sunlight and also enjoy the sunsets in the afternoon.

Just because the family wanted the landscape opened up,” said George, “the family did not mean that the whole place had to be wide open such that anyone could view what the family was doing. Even without being told, San Antonio Tree Pros understood this. when trimming the privacy trees. San Antonio Tree Pros maintained nice privacy that would keep the eyes of people passing next to the property from peering into what was happening inside.”

The homeowner noted that he would keep using the services offered by San Antonio Tree Pros. He also indicated that he would recommend the company to other homeowners.

San Antonio Tree Pros’ base of operation is located at 1721 South WW White Road Suite 120 – 34, 78220 San Antonio, CA. Homeowners can contact the company at 210-879-8767 and [email protected]

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