Atlanta Tree Service Experts Saves Client’s House from Imminent Damage with Emergency Tree Removal

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Atlanta Tree Service Experts Saves Client’s House from Imminent Damage with Emergency Tree Removal

July 23
08:00 2022

Atlanta, Georgia – Today in the middle of the night, Atlanta Tree Service Experts had to remove a tree that was threatening to fall on Henry’s house. According to the homeowner, the tree had been dead for nearly 6 months. However, since the tree was hidden from view, he did not bother about removing it. What the homeowner did not know is that in those 6 months, the tree was decaying from the inside.

The tree just snapped in the middle of the night,” said Henry when explaining why he had to call Atlanta Tree Service Experts at 2 am. “The family was woken up by the tree’s sound as it broke the branches belonging to the neighboring trees on its way down.”

The homeowner noted that it was just by mere luck one of the neighboring trees was strong enough to keep the tree from landing on his roof. The homeowner, however, knew that he could not rely on the healthy trees to keep the broken tree upright through the night. According to Henry, the broken tree was over 150 feet tall while the tree holding it was just 120 feet tall.

The weight was just unbearable for the smaller tree,” said the homeowner. “This was easy to notice when the family went outside and used its spotlight to assess the situation. All the signs indicated that the tree had to be removed in the middle of the night.”

The homeowner reportedly went back into the house and turned on his laptop. He then went on a web hunt trying to find a high-quality tree maintenance team that was willing to work in the middle of the night. Luckily, Henry found a website belonging to Atlanta Tree Service Experts.

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The company indicated that it operated on a 24/7 basis when it came to tree emergencies,” said Henry. “The company’s website went on to mention that when it comes to risky procedures, its team of tree cutting professionals responds less than an hour after receiving an emergency tree service request.”

Henry reportedly browsed through the reviews he could find online for Atlanta Tree Service Experts. The goal in doing this was to ensure the company would deliver maximum safety when handling the extremely risky procedure. The homeowner was satisfied when he realized that all the customers who had commented on the company’s services were fully satisfied.

When the family called Atlanta Tree Service Experts,” said Henry, “the call went through immediately. What was even better is that someone was waiting on the other end of the line to pick up the phone and help the family. The customer service agent on the other end of the line promised that a professional would arrive on the landscape in less than one hour.”

The homeowner noted that he did not have to wait for an hour before an emergency tree removal team arrived. The team reportedly made their way into his home just 33 minutes after the call.

This was quite surprising,” said Henry. “It was unbelievable how the company managed to organize itself quickly and head to the landscape at such a time. When the team arrived, they did not waste any time. They handled the emergency tree removal safely, ensuring the whole 150 feet of the broken tree were brought down without any property damage. The company cleaned up the landscape before leaving and charged a very affordable price for the entire procedure.”

Atlanta Tree Service Experts’ base of operation is located at 805 Antone St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States. The company, however, can be contacted at +1 404-224-9458 and [email protected]

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