Rancho Cordova Tree Service Experts Buys New Bucket Truck and Crane to Make Services Safer and Affordable

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Rancho Cordova Tree Service Experts Buys New Bucket Truck and Crane to Make Services Safer and Affordable

July 23
07:54 2022

Rancho Cordova, California – A company that has been known for making all types of tree service procedures safe, Rancho Cordova Tree Service Experts has recently invested in a new bucket truck and crane. Today, when announcing the purchase of the two pieces of equipment, the CEO confirmed that the machines would help make tree pruning, tree trimming, tree removal, and emergency tree service safer. The CEO also added that the crane would play a major role during cleanup—the machine would help the company lift logs and load them in its trucks for transport to the dumpsite.

Rancho Cordova Tree Service Experts has always received more tree service requests from customers for several reasons,” said the company’s CEO. “One of those reasons is the fact that the company has the special ability to make tree maintenance services safe to the surroundings. This means that when working on a tree maintenance procedure next to a house—or a different utility–Rancho Cordova Tree Service Experts always ensures that no harm comes to that utility.”

The CEO noted that the company, however, has been relying on rented tools to make safety a possibility. He indicated that over the years the company has relied on rented tools, the cost of tree maintenance has been affected.

Even though Rancho Cordova Tree Service Experts has owned a crane and a bucket truck before,” said the CEO, “the company still had to rely on rented equipment. This is because most of the time the company had to handle several tree maintenance procedures simultaneously.”

To see how Rancho Cordova Tree Service Experts handles tree maintenance procedures simultaneously, read this story: https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/rancho-cordova-tree-service-experts-handles-emergency-tree-removal-and-pruning-simultaneously.

For instance,” said the CEO, “the company may receive two tree pruning procedure requests in one go. In such a scenario, the company has to figure out how to find a second bucket truck and crane to make the two tree pruning procedures happen at the same time. This often forced the company to go rent a crane.”

The CEO noted that crane renting has always been a major issue considering that crane renters always took advantage of the company.

The company has always promised its customers same-day service delivery,” said the CEO. “This is the reason the company often prefers dividing its team into two to ensure procedures requested at the same time are handled at the same time. However, when the crane renters sense the deep need for a crane and the bucket truck, they have always resulted in increasing the rental prices.”

The CEO noted that in most cases, his company had to transfer the cost of renting the equipment to the homeowner. This was especially in situations where the company realized that paying for the machines could create a huge dent in the bottom line.

When homeowners had to pay for the rented equipment,” said the CEO, “they often ended up spending a lot of money on their tree maintenance procedures.”

The CEO noted that Rancho Cordova Tree Service Experts has been helping homeowners in Rancho Cordova reduce the amount of money they spend on tree maintenance. He added that equipment renting was making this impossible.

With the new equipment,” said the CEO, “the company will not just make complicated tree maintenance procedures safe—the company will also ensure homeowners are spending less money on tree maintenance.”

Rancho Cordova Tree Service Experts offices sit at 2640 Mercantile Dr, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742, United States. The company notes that homeowners interested in its services can dial +1 916-295-6513 or send an email to [email protected]

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